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Anil Kumar Puthin

Executive Vice President

Region:Hyderabad & Kolkata (India)


Having earned his Bachelors in Commerce from prestigious IIM, Lucknow, Anil started his career as a Systems Manager and EDP In-Charge. Soon thereafter, the Focus allure beckoned and he got on board with Focus. His career took him through many different roles within the organization ranging from sales to technical services, and eventually brought him into upper management.

Anil’s capability of understanding client need, his client-centric approach and ability to translate that need into a technical deliverable, Anil has been instrumental in driving sales revenues and technical accolades for the organization. A natural leader, he puts his skills to the task and drives branches and teams towards achieving high customer satisfaction, and delivering technical expertise.

In his current role as Executive Vice President, Anil is responsible for the operations of Focus in Hyderabad and Kolkata within India, ranging from sales to implementation, support and services.

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