Focus Academia

Efficient Solution for Uninterrupted Education

Efficient Solution for Uninterrupted Education Pioneered to attain world class standards in educational institution management, Focus AIM enables academic institutions to automate and manage every aspect of record keeping and administrative processes.

Top Benefits
  • Promote efficiency in management and operations
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Access information anytime and anywhere
  • Safeguard vital information
  • Control all administrative processes centrally

Focus AIM Modules & Features

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focus aim ico24 Application and Admission
  • Allows Online Application and entrance examination.
  • Applicants History, Ranking of Applicants.
  • Interview scheduling & alerting
  • Result entry and publishing
  • Group Admission, Auto generate Student ID based on pre-defined ID generation criteria. Registration into Class/Stream/Program as per the qualifying criteria
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