Aviation CRM


“Relationship and Service Governance” with powerful execution and analysis tools

Feature-rich, and packed with capabilities such as improved workflow management, communications management, service level agreement (SLA) management, and integration-capable technology

“Passenger Friendly” processes embedded in a fully integrated unified system converging all airport operations departments onto a unified and holistic platform and integrated into airport legacy systems enhancing airport-airline synergies.

Drill down to administer and govern micro-processes and adhere to stringent SLAs.

Powerful engine allows the airport to improve various revenue streams, monitor operational punctualities, review routes and growth of its airline customers and enhance passenger satisfaction throughout the airport experience.

Leverage the integrated links to keep tab on key relationships, provide marketing support and business intelligence tools to enable airports’ ability to meet the business needs of the airlines

The easy-to-use interface and features enables a quick and efficient transfer from legacy systems onto the Focus CRM for Airports thereby ensuring customer satisfaction at optimum levels that translates into business retention and growth.

Business Intelligence (BI)

The in-depth BI capabilities of Focus CRM for Airports presents, meaningful graphs, reports, and summaries of mass data in order to aid accurate and impactful decision- making. The advanced analytics and slice “n” dice tools of the Key Performance Metrics (KPMs) enhances the effectiveness of the system thereby arming key decision makers with the ability to react to trends effectively and in a timely manner thereby ensuring airline requirement and business need delivery.

User and role specific multiple dashboards with built in report templates, user-defined reports and real time updates, ensure that users are productive right from login, and are presented with information relevant to them and in a format of their preference.

Customer Servicing & Support (CSS)

The advanced CSS module of Focus CRM for Airports provides access to information and tools for the customer service and support teams to interact and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Their performances are also measured against the SLAs thereby ensuring that customer service adheres to the prescribed policies of the airport.

The smart tracking of airline issues and issue logs, task assignment and workflow engines that channel and escalate issues to relevant stakeholder/resource centers ensure rapid action and faster resolution. Access to case resolution statistics through reporting tools and communication with airlines according to their preferences and choice of medium are automated as well.

Business Development & Marketing (BDM)

The Focus CRM is equipped with mail integration, social media platforms, and the ability to segment and classify contacts by airlines and/or their business volumes. The system provides greater control on the engagement levels between airports and their airline customers.

The embedded BI capabilities measure customer engagement levels for improved marketing campaigns and loyalty programs. The automated response management engine throughout the web portal or email boasts of a scheduling facility for periodical follow-up for meetings with airline operators, other service providers and various other activities and functions.

The system also monitors KPI trends and prioritizes critical aspects for review

Aviation CRM Modules

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focus crm ico24 Business & Relationship Development
  • Accounts & Contacts
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Campaign Management
  • Vendor Management for Airport Equipment and Service Providers
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