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Mir Hasnain Ali Khan

Co-Founder, Chairman & CTO

Having earned his bachelor’s degree in computer sciences from Osmania University, Mir Hasnain Ali Khan co-founded Focus Softnet, and he currently discharges the role of Chairman and CTO. He, along with his partners, has expanded the company since it was founded in 1991, and built a multinational organization boasting exceptional revenue and profit growth. Hasnain has positioned the company as a leading global provider of State-of-Art technology solutions for top global companies. Always at the forefront of technology, in 1993 he developed and launched a graphical user interface based accounting system on the DOS platform, a first in the Indian market,

Under his leadership Focus has earned international, national and regional growth, customer service and quality achievement awards.

One of Hasnain’s core traits is philanthropy, and he has donated to and spearheaded many charitable organizations.

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