Focus 8

A GST compliant ERP, Focus 8 is a comprehensive BI equipped business solution with unmatched flexibility, unbeatable security and a surprising ease of use.

GST Compliant

Focus Softnet is an accredited GSP (GST Suvidha Provider). In the quarter of a century since its inception, it has prepared multiple business solutions that complied with different tax rules across several countries, making it an experienced and trusted provider of tax complying business software.

Focus 8 is the flagship ERP of Focus Softnet. It is a GST ready software and is equipped with robust Business Intelligence tools. With Focus 8, you can empower your business with seamless integration, effortless customization and flawless automation

Focus i

A revolutionary product, Focus i combines the sharpness of Business Intelligence with the depth of a traditional ERP. It enables users to run statistical models, analyze data, ex-tract, and generate business intelligence reports on the go.

Focus WMS

Focus WMS has disproved the myth that wastage and high costs cannot be minimized at a warehouse. With its highly automated processes, powerful control structure and accurate forecast capabilities, it lets you optimize your inventory to a level that will remove all dents in the movement of goods and management of the stock.

Focus MRP

Focus MRP has finite and infinite planning capabilities to assist complex manufacturing processes to achieve efficiency with a greater degree of compliance and customer
satisfaction. Be it a single or multiple location plant, this integrated scalable solution is a boon for process manufacturers

Focus POS

Focus POS enables the staff at retail establishments to provide quick and efficient services to customers, delivering an experience that matches your brand promise and builds customer loyalty. This Retail Management solution is designed to optimize store performance and increase productivity to the highest level. 

Focus eRMS

Focus e-RMS is designed to provide the customers a quick dining experience it can be a casual dining or fne dining. Startng from booking a table, it gives operators all the tools they need to increase the pace of service. You can use the e-RMS solution to enter orders and payments, allocate tables based on sections, streamline food preparaton along with special kitchen requests and improve operatons. Its simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes Focus e-RMS a great system for your POS needs. Whether your restaurant is a single store or a part of natonwide chain, we will help you achieve simplicity in restaurant management

Centra CRM

Effectively convert your leads and opportunities into revenue-paying customers using powerful tools. Boost your operations with tools such as sales lifecycle stages including estimation, quotation management, authorizations, calendars and activity trackers and many more power-packed features through our robust, easy-to-use and comprehensive platform that is agile enough to suit the size and scale requirements of your organization.

Centra HCM

Rise higher with our efficient Human Capital Management. Generate financial compensation consisting of rewards, benefits, leaves, end of service, wages, salaries, bonuses and commissions provided at regular intervals.

Centra REMS

Sell or lease real estate assets with ease through holistic management tools. Enjoy 360 degree visibility of leads and opportunities for buyers and tenants The modules of Centra REMS will help you manage Accounts, Contacts, Campaigns, Leads, Property Units, Quotations, Sales Orders Invoicing, Lease Contracts & Invoicing, Sales Life Cycle, Booking & Registration Management, Possession & Snag-list Management, Transfers & Cancellation Management, Calendar Management, Tasks, Appointments, Currency and many more aspects of real estate operations.

Focus RT

A multi-tier application with the capability to work seamlessly over Local Area Network and the internet. It removes the dependence of being in the office in front of a desktop and enables you to monitor your business and take decisions wherever you are. It includes specific modules for Financial Management, Sales and Marketing, Procurement and Purchase, Inventory/Warehouse Management, Manufacturing and Human Resource Management

Focus 6

Suited for small and medium enterprises, Focus 6 is a complete package of accounting solutions that enables users to maintain, analyse and interpret the financial health of their organization. Available at an exceptionally reasonable cost, this solution fits any start-up requirement that envisions growth through transparency and efficiency

Focus Reach

Focus Reach The Enterprise –Wide Accounting Solution that readily supports the need of today’s dynamic and forward looking business environment. Available at a reasonable cost and suitable for Trading, Manufacturing and Service Industries looking to streamline their Accounting, Payroll, Stock Control, Purchases, Oder Management, Sales and Production operations.

Insta Hospital Management

As a highly extensive solution, Insta Health not only covers all the aspects of hospital management but does so in a way that preserves resources and ensures that they are put to optimum utilization. Apart from a cloud based application over the internet, it’s also available as a licensed version.

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