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Say hello to AIFA!

An advanced AI assistant for your business. It's ready to roll and keen to assist your customers, management and business application users in every business task.

Ask it to Analyze your Data, Support your Customer or Assist a user in Data Entry task and watch it work smartly!

AIFA is an expansive AI platform with advanced AI capabilities that include chatbots, conversational AI, robotic process automation, predictive analysis and ERP integration. You can explore more about each of its features by visiting


Conversational AI

Revolutionize business processes with advanced AI chatbots that use machine learning to understand queries and respond smartly. Get insights and predictive analysis to lower operational costs and improve services.

Enterprise AI

63% of enterprises in USA have adopted machine learning.

Are you ready to deploy an advanced AI to solve your complex business problems?

Deploy our advanced AI assistant with accelerated computing for extreme performance and big data workloads.

WHO can do WHAT with AIFA



can use it to get information about product, bills, statements, services, status of service requests and other such information.


The Management

can use it as a data mining tool to get quick access to information they need, in any format such as voice, text and reports.


The Users & Executives

can use it to access data faster and enhance the quality of support and increase the speed of responses.

AIFA - Salient Features


Add as many bots as required

Standard processes

No malfunctions. Standard, unvarying and reliable responses to all queries

Low cost

Even though equipped with advanced features, aifa comes at relatively lower costs

Faster deployment

From experts with remarkable implementation experience

Lightning-speed responses

Access information faster with quick responses to each query

Enabling growth with technology

Built with state-of-the-art technology that nurtures growth throughout the busines

Stay ahead of the competition

It's the up and coming technology that would define who surges ahead in the competition


AIFA - Reporting Capabilities


Get reports in a blink of an eye

Get reports by just asking for them!

For example, you can just say / type, "show me how many support tickets are pending today?", AIFA will generate a comprehensive report.

Define metrics for reports

Define the metrics for each report or get multiple reports with varying metrics.

For example, AIFA can generate reports based on metrics like "revenue from last month" "pipeline for this month" etc.

Analyse Customers Data with AIFA

Power search tools

Get data of each customer with a simple search with queries such as:

    Top 5 Customers yesterday

    Sales of Yesterday / last week / last month

    Outstanding balance of a customer

    Open bills


    Inventory stock

    Open orders of a customer

Get responses in voice , reports, text and make updates based on search results.

AIFA as a Customer Service Executive


Direct customer usage

The most defining capability of AIFA is not just a work assistant, it can work as a customer service executive. By interacting with AIFA, customers can directly access their data, get answers to basic questions such as for balance, limit, due date of bills, last payment, service request, location request etc.

AIFA - Advantages

24/7 Availability

Unlike humans who cannot be available during holidays or during the night, AIFA can work 24 hours, in all 365 days of the year.

Multi-lingual AI

Multi-lingual. AIFA can be used in most of the popular languages. No need to employ customer service personnel specific for any language.

Better Analytics

AIFA provides better analytics for questions asked. The company can use this to identify areas that need improvement.

Uniform access across devices

AIFA can be reached through a phone call, mobile app, website, Alexa, Google Home, Facebook, WhatsApp and other such platforms and devices.

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AIFA - CRM Capabilities

Feed data by talking to AIFA

Recording and updating information in the CRM albeit useful, does has a sense of monotony. With AIFA, you can update the records by simply talking with AIFA or dictating notes.

AIFA enriches each lead with info

AIFA enriches each lead by entering data along with additional information and extra details such as the size of the company, phone number and office address etc.

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