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Run A More Promising Business With Intelligent CRM Solutions

Build a successful company with our web-based CRM solutions. These systems support end-to-end customization, allowing businesses of any size to use them to maximize proficiencies in sales, marketing and customer relationship management.

Our CRM solutions are built for all types of companies to achieve streamlined operations and boost them at every step in their revenue-making journey. These systems include tools that offer better business insights, empowering users to make the right decisions at the right time.

With over 90+ advanced features, our CRM solutions enable you to initiate automation throughout all workflows and processes in sales, marketing and service operations. They are also equipped with enhanced reporting tools and tracking options to help you gain a 360-degree view over all aspects of your business.

Focus Softnet has successfully deployed CRM solutions for enterprises and SMEs in 17 countries for various industries that include real estate, automotive, retail, education, project management and courier management. Our CRM applications have also won awards in recognition of their ease of use and other capabilities.

New-Age CRM Solutions For Businesses Of All Sizes

Centra CRM Centra CRM

Centra CRM

Cloud CRM solution for small business and enterprises. Automate marketing, sales and customer service processes and monitor their performance on your mobile.

Centra HCM Centra HCM

Centra HCM

All-inclusive workforce management software that provides complete visibility into HR operations and increases productivity.

Centra CAFM Centra CAFM

Centra CAFM

Efficient CAFM software that helps you to prepare and monitor schedules for preventive maintenance and ensures that your machinery and assets never suffer from breakdowns.

Centra REMS Centra REMS

Centra REMS

Custom CRM solution offering a 360-degree view of your properties and buildings. Monitor and manage all real estate operations from a single platform.

Centra AUTO Centra AUTO

Centra AUTO

CRM and dealership management software for automotive sales, garages, workshops, vehicle rentals and leasing.

crm customer loyalty crm customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty

crm sales crm sales


crm services crm services


crm marketing crm marketing


crm communication crm communication


crm workflow crm workflow

Work Flows

Modules At A Glance

The above set of specialized modules allows our CRM solutions to handle any activity related to sales, marketing and service in a proficient way. These automated systems ensure that your business workflows are automated and efficient, ensuring maximum productivity.

The modules of our CRM software are completely integrated to provide you with a seamless experience and help you prevent the formation of data silos and duplication. You could deploy selective modules based on your business requirements and scale up as your operations expand.

Major Industry Challenges

While building and maintaining long-term relationships with your clients is one of the biggest challenges for businesses from all industries, identifying prospects and converting them into customers is also vital for growth and profitability. This is possible only with automated systems to manage and monitor business operations.

In the absence of automated and digital CRM solutions, it would be nearly impossible for a business to track its sale lifecycle, plan budgets and resources for marketing campaigns, gauge their effectiveness as well as ROI. It would also be difficult to provide efficient and timely service to the customers as a lot of time would be wasted in manually accessing customer records and data, leading to dissatisfaction.

The most common challenges that businesses face without a CRM solution are:

    Unstructured customer information

    Operational data is stored in multiple systems

    Data accessibility is restricted to the office premises

    Time-consuming manual processes

    Inaccuracies in data and task reporting

    Lack of real-time information to generate reports

    Inability to track and gauge marketing ROI

    Absence of proper field reporting structure

CRM Software Solutions CRM Software Solutions

Why Choose Us?

CRM Software Integrations CRM Software Integrations

We offer automated, intelligent and technology-driven CRM solutions in Singapore and Malaysia regions. Our powerful systems help enterprises, mid-sized and small businesses improve their market insights, sell better and provide exceptional customer services. All of our CRM systems are customizable, cloud-based, easily deployable and cost-effective.

We at Focus Softnet are:

    Committed to delivering quality

    Guarantee security

    Provide reliable support

    Have a proven track record

    Known for our experience and expertise

    Give paramount important to customer satisfaction

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