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Automotive erp software

Why use CRM Software?

State-Of-The-Art Auto Dealer CRM Software In Singapore And Malaysia

Centra Auto is a trusted Auto dealer CRM software in Singapore and Malaysia regions. This industry-ready solution is preferred by car dealers and workshop owners to effectively manage automotive sales, rentals or leases, and garage operations.

Our auto dealer CRM software is also extensively customizable to provide you with a tailored experience designed to meet your unique business needs.

Besides, Centra Auto is loaded with premium features that allow you to run vehicle dealership business and repair workshops with ease. The web-based application delivers game-changing business insights that enable you to impose complete control over your operations.

Features that Take Dealership Management to the Next Level

Automotive CRM Software

Inventory Manager

Track Inbound And Outbound Inventory Movement

With the help of Centra Auto’s inventory management tool, track, manage and control every car or spare parts that are added to your catalog.

Automotive CRM Software

Marketing Activities

Run Powerful Campaigns To Achieve Greater Business Goals

Our advanced auto dealer management framework enables you to plan, create, optimize and execute far-reaching marketing campaigns that would accelerate your lead generation cycle.

Automotive CRM Software

Vehicle Records

Manage All Workshop Processes - From Acquiring To Pre-Delivery Inspection

Eliminate chaos in your garage and run a streamlined workshop with our comprehensive automotive CRM software. Centra Auto keeps track of every vehicle repaired and spare parts utilized.

Automotive CRM Software

Sales Tracker

Better Lead Conversion For Faster Growth

An efficient sales and lead management software that helps you manage interactions between your staff and prospects. It also assists in scheduling meetings, plan follow-ups and all other stages involved in the sales cycle.

Automotive CRM Software

Accounting CRM

Manage Accounting With Multi-Currency Support

Our automotive accounting software is integrated with specialized tools to simplify financial reporting, balance sheet and cash flow management. It also allows multi-currency invoicing and payments for hassle-free monitory transactions.

Automotive CRM Software

Spare Parts Management

Optimize Inventory To Reduce Overstocking Or Understocking

Our garage management software enables you to maintain a balanced stock for spare parts. Its built-in features allow you to keep a track of inventory in real-time. This helps in minimizing overstocking or understocking, thereby ensuring optimum inventory at all times.

Automotive CRM Software

Automated Billing

Define Rules To Calculate Estimation And Generate Invoices

Our garage management software helps you estimate the repair costs and generate quotations automatically. The system reduces human dependence and thus establishes smooth and error-free billing.

Automotive CRM Software

Warranties And Claims

Record Every Document And Speed Up The Process

Centra Auto records all default and extended warranty programs. The system automates the entire approval process, making it easier for you to manage claims and warranty reimbursements.

Spot trends, increase cross-sales and grow revenue streams of your automotive business

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Smart Solution For Easy Dealership And Garage Management

We give auto dealers and garage managers a system with assorted tools to sell/lease more cars and manage workshops effectively to become more dominant in the marketplace.

Automotive CRM Software
End-To-End Auto Repair, Sales, Rent & Lease

Centra Auto is an effective CRM software that runs all operations related to automotive repair, sales, rent and leasing. From lead generation to invoicing to repair and delivery, it records every information within the same database, making it easy for you to manage day-to-day activities.

This cloud-based solution includes separate modules for managing different departments. Use the system to record operational data, get real-time insights to generate profits and growth.

Automotive CRM Software
Automobile Sales CRM Software
Access Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you are an auto dealer or a workshop owner, our cloud-based CRM software gives you the liberty to instantly access your business information anywhere, anytime while keeping those records secure. The system also includes an advanced monitoring tool that is engineered to scale from a single location to multi-location store and garage networks.

Centra Auto is designed to provide you with access to high-level business data and operational insights in real-time. Leverage information to immediately identify the shortfalls, focus on mending them and continue nurturing your areas of profit.

Automobile Sales CRM Software
Instantly Generate Tax-Ready Invoices

Generating tax-ready invoices is simpler with our automotive accounting software, Centra Auto. The cloud-based system includes comprehensive financial management tools that are endowed with features that hold every information related to your monetary transactions within a single platform.

The SaaS based system calculates the implacable tax amount and makes invoice generation fast and free from errors.

Optimize your financial operations and automate them to curb the operational costs that are incurred on human resources or third-party accounting firms.

Automobile Sales CRM Software
accounting software third party integrations accounting software third party integrations

AI Platform Makes Auto Dealership and Workshop Management Easy

Integrate our next-gen AI in automotive management software to improve business operations and generate instant reports related to each. AIFA fetches data from multiple sources into a centralized database, offering you real-time access and control required to enhance automobile sales, leasing, and repair and maintenance services. AI and machine learning automate your business processes and make them more efficient.

Benefits Of Dealership Management CRM

Automotive CRM Software

Simpler Rentals And Lease Agreement Management

Whether it is rental reservations, contracts or terminations, long term leases and returns, our auto dealer software supports you in cleverly handling these.

Automotive CRM Software

Easier Checkouts With Automated e-Invoicing

Centra Auto automates and takes care of the whole checkout procedure. E-invoicing makes billing faster and improves customer satisfaction.

Automotive CRM Software

Complete Sales Lifecycle Management

Our auto dealer software helps you to manage all stages of the sales lifecycle, starting from lead acquisition to closure.

Automotive CRM Software

Easy-To-Use Dashboards

The UI of the Centra Auto software is designed in a way that allows auto dealers and workshop managers to use the system conveniently.

Automotive CRM Software

Detailed Reporting For Better Insights

Centra CRM offers accurate reports on sales, leads, accounting and more to help you understand and run your business better.

Automotive CRM Software

Support Unlimited Integrations

Our integration-friendly auto dealer CRM software is capable of hosting third-party applications to facilitate easy management of your business.

Automotive CRM Software

Extensive Mobility

Centra Auto is hosted on the cloud, allowing you to stay connected with your teams and access information from anywhere.

Automotive CRM Software

Eliminates Manual Data Entry Hassles

Centra Auto automates repetitive administrative tasks to improve the speed and precision of data entry.



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