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Centra CAFM Software

Why use CRM Software?

Next-Generation Computer-Aided Facility Management Software

Centra CAFM is a powerful computer-aided facility management software embedded with advanced tools to plan and manage facilities and assets of real estate establishments.

CAFM Software With Integrated Modules

Facility Management Software

Unified Database

Easily Record And Access Data

Our cloud-based computer-aided facility management and maintenance software simplify the process of recording all data on a single cloud platform, making it easy to access and track operations from any device.

Facility Management Software

Customization Friendly

Easy UI With Personalization Options

Use our pre-configured computer-aided facility management system or customize it to suit your requirements. Its intuitive interface allows you to navigate through the platform easily and without any technical hassles.

Facility Management Software

Simplified Governance

Gain Total Operational Visibility

Centra CAFM software offers you complete operational visibility in identifying areas of improvement and avenues for cost savings. It provides all elements of facility management and maintenance in a single system.

Facility Management Software

Manage SLAs Efficiently

Monitor And Resolve Maintenance Requests

Centra CAFM helps you in creating smart maintenance schedules that comply with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and satisfy customers through quick resolution of maintenance requests.

Facility Management Software

Space Management Database

Detailed Floor Plans And Facility Data

Store all important data related to your facility including floor plans, properties and more in CAFM software. Easily access information for better viewing of exact facility locations in emergencies or to plan future expansions.

Facility Management Software

Automation Driven CAFM

Ensure Delay-Free Maintenance

By storing all operational data on the cloud, the computer-aided facility management system ensures that you are instantly notified about maintenance related requests, allowing you to resolve them as quickly as possible.

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Effectively Manage Your Long-Term Maintenance Schedules

Our next-gen computer-aided facility management solution, Centra CAFM allows you to improve your long-term facility maintenance and service planning in line with your budget.

facility management software
Multi-Capability Facility Management System

Centra CAFM is an effective CRM software that runs facilities with end-to-end processes. The system helps you to plan and manage maintenance schedules for your entire real estate assets from a single platform.

Our cloud-based computer-aided facility management solution has a modular structure that allows you to efficiently manage various processes, automate operations and provide you with real-time analytics to ensure business-wide control.

This optimal asset life cycle and maintenance management solution simplifies the complex processes, aids in cost reduction and improves operational efficiencies. The system quickly models different scenarios to design plans and modernize your approach towards preventive maintenance.

facility management software
cafm software
Asset And Inventory Management

Centra CAFM enables you to define the attributes of your real estate properties including age, cost, life expectancy, contract, warranty, etc. The application allows easy access to this data, thereby helping you provide every detail that your prospective buyers or tenants want to know about the property units they are wishing to purchase or rent.

The computer-aided facility management system also includes a standardize stock control module. It provides real-time insight into your inventories and ensures optimum stock levels so that you experience minimal delays in repairing assets or replacing equipment.

The SaaS based software offers centralized access to data, allowing you to remotely track your real-estate assets and makes managing them easier.

cafm software
Communications Engine For Smart Connectivity

Centra CAFM is equipped with a powerful communications engine that would make internal and external communication a walk in the park. Its predefined email, SMS and notification templates enable you to set reminders for major tasks and schedule operations. These templates can also be used to stay connected with customers.

In addition, the communications engine also allows you to create new templates or edit the existing ones depending on your requirements. It further provides you with comprehensive dashboards to manage all communications from a single platform without having to resort to multiple channels and media.

Use Centra CAFM’s communication engine to schedule periodic actions and monitor ongoing tasks on-the-go.

facility management
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Experience A Better Facility Management Journey With AI

Integrate AIFA with Centra CAFM to employ machine learning in facility management. The AI-based facility management software includes advanced tools such as predictive analytics, robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots and face-recognition to simplify asset maintenance. It helps you make data-driven decisions while choosing vendors, reviewing proposals, and scheduling maintenance.

Benefits Of Using Our CAFM System

Facility Management Software

Secured Document Management

Store operational data and documents digitally, within a secured database of our computer-aided facility management software.

Facility Management Software

Multiple Module CAFM System

Track, monitor and manage business operations functioning in various departments from a single platform.

Facility Management Software

Real-Time Reporting

Use our CAFM software to visualize business information for improving workflows.

Facility Management Software

User-Friendly Dashboards

User-friendly UI provides easy navigation, improves usability of data and imparts better control over processes.

Facility Management Software

Quickly Deployable

The industry-ready templates of our facility management software minimize customization and reduce implementation time.

Facility Management Software

Tax-Ready, e-Invoicing CRM for Real Estate

Auto-calculate tax and instantly generate e-invoices to make the billing process faster and tax return filing hassle-free.

Facility Management Software

Multi-Currency Support

Centra CAFM supports multi-currency transactions. Implement the system to fine-tune your billing process for your global customers.

Facility Management Software

Manage Your Business Anywhere

Our cloud CAFM solution enables you to access your business information, generate and view reports from anywhere and on any device.



Verticals We Serve In Singapore And Malaysia

Centra CAFM incorporates many important features and modules to help you manage vital aspects of your business. Click on the desired vertical to KNOW MORE about how we address the concerned challenges.

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