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Why use CRM Software?

Most Preferred CRM Software In Singapore And Malaysia

Centra CRM is a preferred CRM software in Singapore and Malaysia regions. We understand your business logic and provide you with an extensively tailored SaaS CRM solution that is loaded with features to support your requirements.

Centra CRM is equipped with numerous tools to help you improve document management, email marketing, help desk ticketing, contact management, lead generation process, product management, telemarketing and much more.

The advanced monitoring feature in the CRM software keeps track of the sales transactions and manages marketing efforts. Thus, helps you build stronger operational capabilities and serve customers better.

Intelligent Features For Easy Customer Relationship Management

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Accurate Forecasting

Sync Business Info To Improve Business Performance

Use cloud CRM software to collaborate information from different departments, conduct data analysis and generate insightful reports on a single platform. Greater data visibility improves forecasting accuracy. Plan better and much ahead.

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Alerts And Reminders

Define Rules To Get Notified About Important Events

Intelligent calendar management software helps you to define follow-up alert rules so that you are notified on time and do not miss any important customer meetings.

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Quotations And e-Invoicing

Auto-Generate Price Quotes For Customers And Vendors

The built-in approval mechanism in our cloud-based CRM software helps you standardize the quote generation process. Use the system to set pricing, share quotations, create e-invoices, get them approved and send them directly to customers.

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Powerful Campaigns

Run Advanced Marketing Campaigns To Achieve Business Objectives

The advanced CRM software framework empowers you to run far-reaching marketing campaigns and accelerate growth. Plan, create and execute optimized marketing campaigns to generate more qualified leads in less time.

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Project Tracker

Task-Specific Options For Easy Monitoring And Navigation

Centra CRM makes it easy to handle multiple projects simultaneously. Monitor project milestones, track resources used and manage other dependencies from a single platform. Ensure on-time delivery of projects.

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Sales Tracking Software

Convert Opportunities Into Revenue Faster

Centra CRM is an efficient opportunity management software that keeps track of your teams’ interactions with prospects, follow-up meetings, inward/outward documentation and all other stages involved in each sale cycle.

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User-Specific Dashboards

Custom-Made Design With Role-Specific Info Panels

Centra CRM software allows adding or removal of dashboards features to make it more user-specific. The custom design reduces complications for employees as they get a clearer role and usage specific tool.

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Bi-Powered Reports

Gain Deeper And Accurate Business Insights

The integrated BI module enables you to generate analytical reports for your business. It improves visibility, speeds-up processing time, eliminates ambiguity and promotes information-based decision making.

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Simplified Data Help You Run A More Organized Business

Centra CRM is a futuristic cloud solution that is endowed with intelligent features to help you gain greater control over your business operations and run a profitable organization.

crm system singapore
Structured Workflows

Centra CRM is designed with unlimited space that can retain data related to your appointments, sales target achieved, clients’ contacts and so on, streamlined into one system.

The customer tracking software also allows you to extract information immediately. The system helps you in managing operations, prioritizing tasks, and making proactive decisions. This increases your organization’s efficiency starting from reaching out to prospects to meeting your customers on time and serving your clients quickly and professionally.

crm system singapore
crm system singapore
Acquiring New Customers Is Cheaper

Acquiring new customers is not just an expensive exercise, it is also a long-drawn process. Marketing, advertising and other related operations requires an investment of time and resources.

But, with our automated CRM system, getting through all the processes becomes easier. The lead management software keeps a tab on the market trends, helps you easily identify prospective customers and devises targeted campaigns to generates good quality leads. This reduces operating costs and increases your profit margins.

crm singapore
Ramp Up The Sales Process

Our SaaS CRM system automates the entire sales process of your organization, offering your sales team liberty to utilize their time in more productive activities.

The task management software allows you to actively track the prospects, manage scheduling of appointments, set reminders for follow up and standardize quote generation to aid you in closing your sales deals faster. This minimizes manual intervention in performing administrative tasks, eliminates human error and ensures no deal falls through the cracks.

crm system singapore
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CRM Software Capabilities

Focus Softnet

End-To-End Business Solution

Centra CRM solution covers every aspect of sales, marketing and customer management, allowing you to plan and execute greater organizational strategies.

Focus Softnet

Identify And Nurture Opportunities

Track and monitor past customers’ transactions to identify their demands and frame better plans in line with their expectations.

Focus Softnet

Allow Better Communication And Feedback

Identify shortfalls and improve communication with our comprehensive enquiry management platform.

Focus Softnet

Extensive Mobility

Mobile-ready CRM enables you to access data on-the-move. Stay connected with your teams anywhere, anytime.

Focus Softnet

Smarter Suggestions

Centra CRM helps you to identify prospects that are more likely to convert so that your time is not wasted in targeting the wrong audience.

Focus Softnet

Infinitely Flexible System

Centra CRM accommodates infinite customizations. It is a customer management system designed to meet your unique business needs.

Focus Softnet

Limitless Integrations

An integration-friendly CRM software that can be used with a host of third-party applications.

Focus Softnet

Remove Data Entry Concerns

Our CRM solution automates repetitive administrative tasks to improve speed and reduce data entry errors.


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Verticals We Serve in Singapore and Malaysia

Focus Softnet is one of the best CRM vendors in Singapore and Malaysia regions. We provide an innovative customer relationship management solution for all industries.

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