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hr software singapore

Why use CRM Software?

The Most Popular Payroll Software In Malaysia And Singapore

Centra HCM is the top-performing HR software in Singapore and Malaysia. It includes power-packed features and custom modules to enrich your workforce management experience, aligning them with your business goals.

Use the new-age system to track employee performance and take care of relevant aspects during the entire tenure of their employment life cycle, from hiring to retirement.

Hosted on the cloud, Centra HCM is a quickly deployable solution that can be integrated with your existing ERP system with minimal implementation time. Its user-friendly interface combined with extensive accessibility options makes the HR and payroll system highly recommended for any business that aims to drive workforce efficiency.

Top Features Of Our 360-Degree HR Software

HR Software

Integrated ESS

Self-Service Portal To Facilitate Employees Access To Information

The integrated employee self-service portal in Centra HCM software simplifies multi-level appraisals and leave approval processes. Define rules based on hierarchy, location, document expiry alerts, etc., to create smoother workflows.

HR Software

Organization Tree

Define Hierarchical Structure For Easy Approval Process Management

Centra HCM software helps you set up HR functions and create multi-hierarchy organization trees. Use the system to auto-populate your organization structure, view department-wise formats and get user-defined approval processes.

HR Software

Recruitment And Onboarding

Automated System That Streamlines The Hiring Process

Our HR software makes the entire recruitment process and onboarding employees faster. It automates screening based on pre-defined skills, keeps track of shortlisted candidates and assists you onboard the appropriate employees.

HR Software

Training Scheduler

Plan Training Programs And Monitor Employees' Progress

The HR software helps you create training schedules. Use the system to prepare multiple training modules, specific to skills or departments. Likewise, build test structures to track your employees’ progress and calculate ROI.

HR Software

Workforce Management

Tap Every HR Operation To Improve Control On Employees

Gain a real-time view of the tasks carried out by the employees with our centralized HR management software and generate comprehensive department-wise reports to better monitor and control task execution.

HR Software

Timesheet Management

Automated Time And Attendance Tracking

Our payroll software introduces automation in employees’ timesheet management. The integrated system tracks your employees’ leaves, logins and logouts, based on which it would auto-calculate payroll.

HR Software

Budget Planning

Collaborate Data To Allocate Operation Specific Funds

The all-in-one HR and payroll software simplifies the human resources department's budget planning process. Use the data stored in the payroll system to generate reports using tags for offices, job vacancies, locations and more. Determine and allocate funds based on the requirements.

HR Software

Performance Appraisals

Encourage Your Workforce Through Efficient Appraisal Processes

A fair performance appraisal process boosts your employees’ productivity. Our HR software provides powerful monitoring tools to track your workforce’s activities, which you can use to generate accurate performance insights and provide appraisals.

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Top-Notch HR Software For All Businesses

Centra HCM is a new-age HR and payroll solution on cloud. It is equipped with advanced technologies to help you achieve complete control over all of the organization's HR processes. Recruitment, payroll, training, leave, attendance, performance appraisal and other activities could all be managed and monitored from this unified platform.

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Intuitively Designed Dashboards

We have designed Centra HCM to make human resource management simpler for you. The customizable dashboards in the HR and payroll system allow you to personalize the required features, displaying only those attributes you need and making the application user-friendly.

The simple layout of this cloud-based payroll and HR software is powered by its intuitive navigation. With advanced filters, the application would help you generate extensive reports related to various processes instantly.

This quick access to human resource data increases the productivity in managing operations, enabling you to quickly identify the shortage in talent and address it suitably.

Payroll Software
Payroll Software
Employee Information Accessibility

Accessibility to real-time information is crucial for employee management and business growth. Centra HCM software has capabilities that support you in making intelligent decisions related to employee management.

Built with apt features, our HR and payroll system is designed to deliver a superior workforce management experience and improve the productivity in handling mission-critical business processes. The application allows you to examine past records to predict demands and accordingly plan your manpower and budget.

Centra HCM system offers you the flexibility to access the operational data of HR processes round the clock. Utilize the information to improve the productivity of your employees.

hr software singapore
Uber-Secure Database

By implementing Centra HCM, you would no not run the risk of losing important information as the HR and payroll system securely stores all data on cloud and provides you with regulated access to the database. The software would allow you to define roles based on which it implies segregation for allowing or rejecting users’ access to sensitive information.

In addition, our human resource management software also helps you to track the users accessing the database transactions. This completely revokes the possibility of data pilferage, disruption or any other damages caused by unauthorized users.

hr software singapore
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Employ AI to Initiate Face Recognition Logins

Leverage the power of face recognition attendance system in AIFA to solve the problem of long queues at the login counter, prevent fake logins/logouts, tampering and unauthorized entries. AIFA can be integrated with Centra HCM or other HR management systems to enhance workflow management, define hierarchies and standardize approval procedures.

Benefits That Craft A Happier Workforce

hr software singapore

Quick And Error-Free Payroll Computation

Centra HCM allows you to define salary components and deductions based on your employee pay-grades and automatically calculates payroll.

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Intelligent Analytics For Better Predictions

Our multi-layered reporting tool takes into account every aspect of HR operations and aids you in making data-driven decisions.

payroll system malaysia

Comprehensive Employee Lifecycle Management

From hiring to retiring, every detail is recorded in Centra HCM to ensure smooth running of all HR processes.

payroll system malaysia

Tax Compliant Payroll System

Our HR system is completely compliant with the taxation and labor laws of Singapore and Malaysia.

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Centralized System To Manage Multi-Location HR Processes

Centra HCM includes unified modules that integrate HR operations in different locations to manage them with ease.

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Allow Third-Party Mobile App Integration

Centra HCM allows integration with third-party applications and plugins to enhance usability.

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A More Reliable Inter-Company Communication

The software’s powerful communication engine enables you to instantly share relevant information with the concerned department or employees.

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Access Data On-The-Go

Manage your employees from anywhere with our cloud-based HR management software and access the system on any device.



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Focus Softnet is the provider of the best HR payroll system in Malaysia and Singapore. It is a fully customizable human resource and payroll management software that helps organizations reach their potential through digital transformation.

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