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Why use CRM Software?

Trusted Real Estate and Construction Software in Singapore and Malaysia

Centra REMS is a trusted real estate and construction software by builders, property owners and marketplaces in Singapore and Malaysia regions. This industry-ready system supports extensive customization, enabling you to have a CRM solution that is tailored exclusively for your real estate business. It also makes your lead generation process more effective and sales conversion less time-consuming.

Loaded with better functionality, the cloud-based application is also capable of delivering game-changing insights required to control all the operations with proficiency and help your company to perform at its best.

Features That Make Property Management Hassle-Free

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Easy Integration

Synchronize All Business Data To Improve Productivity

Our cloud-based real estate and construction ERP software is integrated with multiple tools. It synchronizes data from different departments on a single platform and provides a better overview of operations, preventing data loss and duplication.

construction erp software

Workflow Automation

Eliminate Manual Handling To Perform Tasks Faster

Centra REMS construction software automates repetitive tasks, frees up your time to engage in more important activities, reduces manual data entry and speeds up the overall processes, creating an optimized workflow.

construction erp software

Property Units Tracker

Instant Access To Properties’ Blueprint

The construction and real estate management software captures all attributes of each property, including its area, current market value, applicable rent rates, location, view, etc. and makes the information easily accessible.

construction erp software

Sales Conversions

Accurately Manage Opportunities To Fast Track Sales Conversions

Our construction and real estate lead management software is also equipped with advanced opportunity tracking features that improve conversion rates and reduce lead drops. It optimizes your campaigns, improves sales analysis and lead generation strategies for better conversions.

construction erp software

Document Management

Multi-Layered Access Reduces The Risk Of Data Loss Or Theft

Centra REMS consolidates all digital documents and stores them within a single and secured database. Its smart-search functionalities provide instant access to authorized users while revoking entries of unauthorized visitors.

construction erp software

BI-powered Reports

Generate Multi-Dimensional Reports For Better Visualization

Centra REMS construction and real estate management software runs on a powerful BI engine. It generates in-depth reports and gives you a comprehensive overview of all properties and the processes involved for future planning and management.

construction erp software

Bookings and Registration

Maintain Error-Free Sales And Leasing Processes

Automate property reservations and registrations with our real estate management software. Keep track of lease contract terms, get notified about outstanding payments, receive alerts for soon-to-expire rental agreements and much more.

construction erp software

In-Built Alert System

Generate And Send Personalized Reminders

Centra REMS, the top construction and property management software would trigger alerts based on rules you define. It sends notifications related to all operations, from payment due date to contract renewals or any occasion that requires your attention.

Top notch ERP solution features for business breakthrough


Know Your Assets Better to Grow Your Business Faster

The construction and real estate management software is built with a host of advanced tools to enable you with a stronger hold on all your business operations. The system’s capability to manage multiple operations seamlessly is one of the major reasons behind its growing popularity among companies operating in Singapore and Malaysia.

Real Estate CRM Software
Includes Owners’ Association Portal

Centra REMS includes owners’ association management application, a web-based community management portal that allows you and your tenants to hold an account, share information and get updates.

Use the system to manage community events, share activity calendars and other information. Tenants can also use the portal to raise requests for maintenance, contract renewals, etc.

The software is also integrated with email and SMS tools, enabling property owners or managers in the community to send reminders to the residents through email, SMS for due payments as well as e-receipts for rents paid.

Real Estate CRM Software
Real Estate CRM Software
Adaptable System You Need

Centra REMS is designed to make the management of customers, vendors and tenants simpler for you. Its personalized dashboard allows you to add or remove features that suit your business needs and make your transactions easily accessible.

The simple layout of our property and construction management software offers you intuitive navigation. The application also has advanced filters, with which you can instantly find information about your business processes and create extensive reports.

The property management system provides quick access to business data, enhances the overall efficiency of operations, identifies critical issues and address them immediately.

Real Estate CRM Software
Maximize Data Protection

Centra REMS securely stores all your important business data on cloud. The application offers a huge database with pre-defined, regulated access to information. It also maintains clear segregation of roles based on parameters you could define.

Our SaaS based construction and real estate management software also provides you with the facilities to gain a bird's-eye view on every user accessing the database to detect and curb incidents of non-compliance.

The advanced security protocol in Centra REMS not only eliminates the possibilities of disruption by unauthorized users but also prevents misuse of resources.

Real Estate CRM Software
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Manage Multiple Real Estate and Construction Projects with AI

Integrate AIFA with Centra REMS! Introduce Artificial Intelligence in property management for assistance in property sales, unit allocation, automated reports and services management. Equipped with robotic process automation, predictive analytics and chatbots, the AI platform would provide you with a total overview of your construction and real estate business operations and provide detailed insights for informed decision making.

Real-Time Benefits to Improve Your Property Dealings

Real Estate CRM Software

Sales and Leasing

Automate lead tracking, accounts & contact management, property selection and leasing to pace up the administrative process and reduce human errors.

Real Estate and Construction Software

Statutory Compliance

Ensure your construction and real estate business complies with the regional laws in Singapore and Malaysia. Get notified about impending renewals or other statutory obligations.

Real Estate and Construction Software

Integrated With Finance Module

IRAS approved and integrated with the advanced financial tools to improve accounting, fund management, cash flow tracking, reporting and other related tasks.

Real Estate and Construction Software

Simplified Facility Management

Centra REMS is integrated with a computer-aided facility management system to help you track and manage planned preventive maintenance and service level agreements.

Real Estate and Construction Software

Login Portals For Service Providers And Occupants

The real estate management software automates payments, SLAs and maintenance. Receive the service requests created by occupants faster and solve them without delay.

Real Estate and Construction Software

Effortless e-Invoicing & Billing

Smart e-invoicing system guarantees effortless bill generation and hassle-free extraction of payment data while ensuring compliance with the GST and SST regulations.

Real Estate and Construction Software

Intelligent Alerts And Notifications

The industry-ready construction and property management software allows you to set up pre-defined alerts to ensure no important activity or event is missed.

Real Estate and Construction Software

Scalable System To Support Business Growth

Our cloud-based construction and real estate management software is scalable to support your business growth. It also supports integration with other systems.

Real Estate and Construction Software

Fully Customizable

The industry-ready construction and real estate management solution can be customized with features or tools specific to your business requirements.



Verticals We Serve in Singapore and Malaysia

Our industry-ready CRM solution supports every type of real estate and construction businesses irrespective of their size and range of dealings.

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