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Real Estate and Construction Management System

Centra REMS is an all-in-one real estate management software for end-to-end property dealings. The solution has three comprehensive modules that guarantee a smarter way to manage assets.

This fully-featured property management software provides a 360-degree view of all assets, leads, and opportunities. It is adept for property owners and managers who want to maintain accurate records of buyers and tenants while making them easily accessible.

Centra REMS users can manage accounts, contacts, marketing campaigns, leads, property location, quotations, lease contracts & invoicing, sales orders invoicing, sales life cycle, and more aspects of real estate operations.

This industry-specific, real estate management software makes the managing of possession & snag-list, property transfers & cancellation, property booking & registration, appointments, calendar, and tasks management much easy.

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As a one-stop property management system, Centra REMS provides complete visibility over the sales funnel, revenue, asset availability and other key metrics for smooth distribution of real estate assets including the legalization of documentation.

It includes features to track and manage leads and opportunities, site visits, brokers, brokerage costs, availability of property, confirmations, proposals, validities, and current status of each sale in the finalization or legalization phase.

• Equipped with extensive integration capabilities
• Get instant access to your entire property details (houses, apartments, and other buildings)
• Utilize easy publication facility to post asset inventory on popular real estate portals and platforms to attract more traffic and generate leads faster
• Simplify communication with residents, tenants, and owners
• Manage both sale and lease of all property units on a single platform

Centra Owners' Association Management System module in Centra REMS facilitates effortlessly managing community events, calendars, and other activities, with online logins for owners, tenants, and managers.

This web base community management and invoicing portal include dedicated tools for:

• Budget management - enables users in plan budget and submitting it to RERA for approval.
• Collection process management - keeps track of contract expiration and payment due dates. It has an inbuilt alert system which displays notifications on the portal as reminders for the tenant as well as the owner.
• Occupant management - provides owners with a comprehensive layout and map of the building stored in the system.

Centra REMS is a powerful Planned-Preventive-Maintenance (PPM) solution.

The real estate property management software includes advanced features such as invoice and inventory manger through which billing information can be captured based on factors like services taken, warranties, type of product, their quantities, and parts replacements.

The system also supports request management for resolution and closures.

Built-in complying with GST regulations in Singapore, SST laws in Malaysia, and other tax laws of various countries in the Asia Pacific region, Centra REMS PMS system automates and simplify TAX calculation required in generating invoices, quote, and more.

Centra REMS is the best suited software to manage all aspects of property assets. It’s apt for real estate firms as well individual owners with features and modules that can be scaled up as and when required. Its automated processes enable business owners and managers to spend more time in strategizing and less in worrying about the data.

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Real Estate management software

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Real Estate management software

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Real Estate management software

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Real Estate management software

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