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Cloud ERP Software For Small Businesses And Enterprises

Focus Softnet offers the best ERP software solutions, with customized modules, simplified workflows and automated processes. Using our enterprise resource planning tools, companies can streamline processes, unify data management and cut costs while maximizing revenue. Our ERP applications are fully cloud-hosted and mobile-ready.

With Focus Softnet’s ERP software you can achieve:

best ERP software


End manual processes

Eliminate manual procedures and replace them with automated processes

best ERP software


One ERP for all operations

Integrate all departments and sectors of your business within a single ERP platform

best ERP software

Data unification

No more data duplication

Achieve data unification with our cloud hosted ERP and prevent data silos and duplication

best ERP software

360-degree reporting

Real-time visibility

Gain valuable insights through the smart and BI enabled reporting tools of our ERP systems

Innovative ERP Software Solutions From Focus Softnet

Focus Softnet is one of the most reliable providers of ERP software offering the best solutions for your enterprise. The software is easy to integrate and packed with features that could be configured as per your needs. Choose from the industry-specific ERP software suite to learn more.

ERP Buyers Guide

What Is An ERP System?

ERP or enterprise resource planning is a suite of IT software built on a single platform to handle all facets of a business, such as accounting, project management, procurement, development and planning. Read our detailed ERP guide to see how our ERP software can help you solve your business challenges.

Types Of ERP Buyers

ERP systems are an integral part of the business world today. An ERP software is a prerequisite for sustainability and growth, whether you own a small business or run a large enterprise.

ERP Solutions
ERP Solutions

1. Large And Enterprise-Level Companies

Explore ERP software for large-scale enterprises. Hosted on cloud, mobile ready and easy to integrate, these systems give you total control over all operations.

Cloud ERP Solutions

2. Small And Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Small and medium sized establishments require customizable and scalable ERP applications that can be expanded alongside operations. Explore our mobile ready applications here.

Small And Medium-Sized Businesses
Cloud ERP Solutions
Enterprise Resource Planning ERP
Industry-Specific Buyers

3. Industry-Specific Buyers

Businesses operating in different industries have varying ERP requirements ranging from internal customizations to creation of industry-specific templates and modules primed for specific areas of operations.

Industry Stats

Businesses worldwide tap into the power of cloud-based ERP systems to bring order to operations and optimize revenue. A look at the statistics below illustrates the growing importance of ERP and its increasing prevalence for businesses of all sizes.

Here are the statistics covering the facts of ERP implementing:

best ERP software

76% of businesses either intend to migrate, or have already migrated to the cloud.

best ERP software

This year, 30% of all IT budgets are for cloud computing.

best ERP software

73 of businesses already have at least one cloud service.

Have you equipped your business with automated processes yet? If not, connect with us right away for expert ERP consultation.

Verticals We Serve

best ERP software

Retail Management

ERP Software Solutions


ERP Software Solutions


ERP Software Solutions

Building & Construction

ERP Software Solutions

Wholesale Distribution

ERP Software Solutions


ERP Software Solutions

Education Management

ERP Software Solutions

Trade & Services

ERP Software Solutions

Waste Management

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