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Focus Softnet has proven its expertise as the provider of best ERP software in Singapore. By deploying our multi-capability business applications, you would be empowering your business through a unified ERP platform that integrates all departments, provides you with 360-degree view and total control.

We provide cloud ERP software that are mobile ready and thus, can be used anytime, anywhere, enabling you to carry your business quite literally in your pocket. With customizable features and integrated modules, our ERP software come with industry-ready specifications, saving you time and resources in deployment.

Enterprise ERP Software

Major Industry Challenges

ERP Software Industry Challenges

Businesses in Singapore and Malaysia across all industries are facing multiple challenges in financial and operational sustainability. With the Industry 4.0 wave, many companies are finding it hard to navigate in the increasingly technological and automated environment. Some major challenges they face include:

    Disintegrated information

    Improper resource management

    Ineffective customer relationship management

    Manual implementation of GST regulations

    Incomprehensive reporting

    Irregularities in data collection

    Lack of data security

    Inability to match customer demands

    Hiring and recruiting challenges

    Inability to monitor multiple channels

ERP Solutions For SMEs

Focus Softnet provides smart ERP solutions, specially tailored for the unique requirements of smart and medium enterprises. Our ERP software solutions are easier to configure, faster to deploy and can be customized to a wider extent. Hosted on cloud, our business applications free you from the costly infrastructure required by on-premise ERP systems.

Enterprise ERP

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GST And SST Compliant ERP

All of our ERP and CRM systems are compliant with GST laws in Singapore and SST regulations in Malaysia

All of our ERP and CRM systems are compliant with GST laws in Singapore and SST regulations in Malaysia

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