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Why use ERP Software?

One-Stop Manufacturing ERP Software In Singapore And Malaysia

Focus Softnet is a trusted business software vendor in Singapore and Malaysia, providing Focus MRP, a feature-driven, industry-ready manufacturing ERP software. Hosted on the cloud, our ERP software does not require any additional investment in hardware and works with minimal IT infrastructure.

The modular structure of our production planning software allows you to integrate or remove the necessary tools depending on requirements and complexities of your business.

Focus MRP is the best ERP for manufacturing and distribution companies of all sizes and types. The software solution helps you automate processes, reduce wastages and improve the overall quality and quantity of production.

Advanced Features Making Complex Simple

best erp for manufacturing

Production Planning

Real-Time Operational Visibility To Maximize Efficiency

Focus MRP lets you capture and share information among different teams to manage the manufacturing process more efficiently and monitor progress in real-time. Attain a superior production plan with insights into capacity, inventory and equipment downtime.

best erp for manufacturing

Material Requirement

Effective Purchasing Decisions To Lower Costs And Improve Quality

Our manufacturing supply chain management software includes material requirement planning module that helps you keep a track of inventory consumed and analyze the requirement for what, when and how much to purchase from each supplier.

best erp for manufacturing

Inventory Tracker

Right Amount Of Stock Reduces Wastages And Losses

The comprehensive inventory management system module includes features for materials tracking, inventory monitoring and automated reordering. This helps you achieve the optimal balance necessary in your inventory levels to meet market demands while controlling wastage.

best erp for manufacturing

Accounting & e-Invoicing System

Manage All Your Financials From A Single Integrated Platform

Capture, store and manage all the monetary and e-invoicing transactions of your business related to manufacturing, shipping, accounts receivable, payable and other financial activities with our cloud-based, IRAS-approved ERP platform.

best erp for manufacturing

Quality Assurance

Consistency In Production Quality Improves Customer Satisfaction

The quality management features in Focus MRP software fully automate the quality check process. Define your requirements for inspection, based on which the manufacturing ERP software would analyze quality data and review improvements.

best erp for manufacturing

Warehouse And Logistics

Organize Stock Movement And Shipping

Focus MRP software is also equipped with a stock management module that helps you facilitate more organized storage, quick delivery of finished goods, error-free shipments and effective administration of the supply chain.

best erp for manufacturing

Bill Of Material (BOM)

Simplify BOM Management With Standard And Custom-Built Templates

The MRP appllication simplifies the process of preparing a Bill of Material (BOM). Whether you need BOM for single or multiple components, use our advanced templates to prepare the structure you need.

best erp for manufacturing

Integrated HRM

Smart Employee Tracker For Effective Workforce Management

The human resource management module in Focus MRP effectively tracks the day-to-day activities of your employees. Use this cloud-based software to specify work hours and instantly allocate duties to the workforce.

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Optimized Manufacturing Operations

Optimize the manufacturing process with an assorted ERP software that enables you to cut production costs, improve resource management, deliver quality products, provide superior insights, induct inventory control and reduce waste.

Cloud Based manufacturing erp software benefits
Eliminate Expensive Human Errors

Manual tracking of business data is possible, but the margin of error is high in this method. Moreover, irrelevant or insufficient data used in forecast planning would cause a ripple effect in your business and upset the fine balance between procurement, production and supply chain.

Moving your business on our advanced MRP software ensures that all your transactions are properly recorded and easily retrieved as needed. Our integrated manufacturing ERP software allows you track and monitor information in real-time. It eliminates the possibility of human errors that would drastically impact customer satisfaction and alter order fulfillment performance.

Cloud Based manufacturing erp software benefits
best erp for manufacturing
Improve Resource Management

Our manufacturing ERP software includes a dedicated module for human resource management to better monitor and manage the workforce. The integrated solution tracks the work hours of your employees to help you effectively plan your resource allocations based on the manufacturing requirements.

The cloud-based software enables you to create schedules, designate role-specific tasks, allocate shift timings and monitor their performance progress. Use the available HR department data to improve your resource forecasting and KPIs, identify skills you need most, evaluate employee performance, plan budgets and gain a better understanding of your staff’s strengths and weaknesses.

Cloud Based manufacturing erp software benefits
Identify Purchasing Trends

The trend analysis feature in Focus MRP software allows you to access detailed data for forecasting future customer demands. The material requirement planning solution even identifies pricing trends of suppliers to predict the fluctuations in raw material costs, thereby helping you plan your inventory in advance and save money.

By installing our MRP software, you would able to keep an eye on the market demands and also use this information to procure raw materials and prepare production plans. Likewise, when the demand for any particular goods slows down, the system allows you to immediately refrain from further investing on unwanted storage, material components costs and staff for that specific production.

Cloud Based manufacturing erp software benefits
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Leveraging AI To Enhance Production Capacity

AIFA - Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications is Focus Softnet's state-of-the-art AI platform. With the adoption of AI in manufacturing process management, you would be able to make rapid, data-driven business decisions, optimize production processes, reduce operational costs and improve your customer experiences. Also, integrate Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing management software to leverage the power of predictive analytics and robotic process automation to enhance the production capacity.

Benefits Of Our All-Inclusive Manufacturing ERP Software

best erp for manufacturing

Happier Customers

With our agile MRP software, quickly analyze the market demand, accelerate response time and instantly implement changes in purchasing and manufacturing plans.

best erp for manufacturing

Assured Production Quality

Maintain quality standards across all stages of the manufacturing process to adapt to compliance requirements and reduce the risk of product recalls.

best erp for manufacturing

Control Operational Costs

Gain deeper insights into manufacturing processes and costs involved in each for identifying the areas where you are able to save money.

best erp for manufacturing

Improve Manufacturing Processes

Get a real-time view of every operation, from start to finish, to identify shortfalls and fix issues.

best erp for manufacturing

Reduce Machinery Downtime

Effectively plan preventive maintenance from your machinery to ensure they run with optimal efficiency all the time.

best erp for manufacturing

Eliminate Manufacturing Delays

Our manufacturing ERP software effectively manages all business processes to ensure that your production is aligned with deadlines and timely product delivery.

best erp for manufacturing

Enhance Inventory Management

Our inventory management software helps you to record and store precise details of materials, preventing pilferage and damages.

best erp for manufacturing

Reduce Production Bottlenecks

With the help of our manufacturing ERP solution, increase your production efficiency and introduce a smoother workflow.


Focus mrp Software
Focus mrp Software
Focus mrp Software
Focus mrp Software

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Focus MRP is composed of several essential industry-specific tools that work best for large and small businesses in Singapore and Malaysia regions. Implement the software to optimize your manufacturing operations and achieve greater productivity.

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