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Warehouse Management System

Why use ERP Software?

New-Age Warehouse Management System That Prepares You For Industry 4.0

Focus Softnet is a trusted ERP software vendor, providing feature-driven, industry-ready warehouse management system on the cloud. Focus WMS easily adapts to the existing IT environment with a modular structure that allows you to integrate, modify or combine tools as needed based on your business complexities.

Powered by a flexible configuration, our warehouse management system bridges the gap between your front-office information and requirements for operational execution to deliver end-to-end inventory management. The go-to software is suited for businesses of all sizes dealing in warehousing, distribution, logistics,retail, cargo and supply chain facilities.

Multi-Faceted Features Of Our Smart Warehouse Management System

warehouse management system

Inventory Tracker

Strong System To Control Wastage And Losses In Warehouse

Our inventory management system allows you to induce proper tracking mechanisms and aligns them with status records. This improves control, reduces damage that occur when goods are left unattended for long.

warehouse management system

RFID-Enabled System

Scan RFID Tags To Reduce Errors In Picking And Order Shipping

The RFID-enabled WMS empowers your warehouse staff to scan RFID tags on the goods and instantly capture the data. This automation makes receiving and moving products in the inventory faster and accurate.

warehouse management system

Automated Restocking

Define Rules Based On Stock Levels To Automate Re-Ordering

The intelligent warehouse management system enables you to define rules for re-stocking when the inventory reaches certain levels. The system notifies you as well as initiates the restocking process, so that you never run out of stock.

warehouse management system

Flexible Billing & e-Invoicing

Effortless Tax-Enabled Billing And Secure Transactions

Our warehouse inventory management system allows you to access e-invoicing for advanced payments including progressive billing and more. It segregates customers and vendors based on their payment types to ensure that invoices are generated and sent correctly.

warehouse management system

Logistics Management

Integrated Tools For Accurate Stocking And Order Handling

Our warehouse management solution includes modules to track shipments and record delivery instructions to ensure that your logistics operations do not go wrong and right goods are delivered to your clients.

warehouse management system

Pricelist Structures

Order Quantity Management Feature For Flexible-Pricing

Use the proactive pricing feature in our inventory management software to activate flexibility in quote-generating, based on price breaks and pricelists by customers/products and other factors.

warehouse management system

Insightful Reports

Record And Track Warehouse Inventory In Real-Time

Our warehouse management system offers 360-degree view of inventory present in your storehouse. With it, gain real-time information on the quantity of goods, bin location, expiry details and pick-up routes.

warehouse management system

Warehouse Setup

Achieve Optimized Storehouse Layout For Faster Order Fulfillment

On deploying Focus WMS, you get a warehouse configurator that helps you define rules to organize your stock. Immediately locate the position of goods and initiate an organized pick-up process.

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Build A Streamlined Warehouse With Our Powerful WMS Software

Optimize your warehouse operations and adapt to new business models with the most prominent warehouse management system. Blend various processes and align operations with your business goals for quick ROI.

Focus WMS benefits
Inbound And Outbound Optimization

Whether your inventory includes raw materials or finished goods, Focus WMS helps you control and keep tab on every product that comes in and goes out of your warehouse.

The system allows you to define the inward processes in your warehouse and automatically generates pallet IDs and capture complete SKU attributes such as lot and batch details along with dates of manufacturing and expiry. The standardized format makes it easier for you to understand and retrieve information.

Likewise, the system also records customer sales orders, allows you to create delivery notes, allocates picklist with instructions based on FEFO and FIFO along with batch numbers and lot numbers. This makes the outward process easier to handle and free from errors.

Focus WMS benefits
Focus WMS benefits
Optimal Resource And Manpower Management

The human resource management module in Focus WMS enhances your control over manpower. The integrated system aptly tracks the work hours of your employees, which helps you plan your resource allocations effectively.

The cloud-based software system enables you to create schedules, designate role-specific tasks along with their shift trimmings and monitor their progress in real-time. This greatly contributes towards optimum usage of all resources.

Besides, the system also helps you gain a broader understanding of your warehouse staff. Use the available data to improve workflows, define KPIs, identify skill requirements, evaluate performance and plan HR budgets.

Focus WMS benefits
Just-In-Time Inventory

Another benefit of having an all-inclusive warehouse management system is that it allows you to maintain just-in-time (JIT) inventory. This helps you to attain appropriate stock levels with minimal surplus and no shortfall. Use this stock filling method to reduce wastages due to the piling up of unsold stock and even minimize safety stock and their related costs.

Though JIT inventory management is complex, our warehouse management system enables you to balance it easily. The software solution analyzes data and provides accurate demand forecasts to determine and plan inventory levels without undervaluing or exceeding the requirement.

warehouse management system
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Run An Automated Warehousing Business With AI

Use Artificial Intelligence in warehouse management to enhance the efficiency of inventory movement and pick & pack processes. AIFA (Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications), is an AI in warehouse management and powered by robotic process automation, chatbots, predictive analytics and face-recognition technologies that change the way inventory, logistics or supply chain operations were managed by making them more effective and powerful.

Benefits Of Using Our Warehouse Management System

warehouse management system

Improved Customer Experience

With our reliable WMS, receive orders and deliver goods on-time, increasing customer satisfaction and increasing their trust in your services.

warehouse management system

Transparency And Visibility

Data from across all departments is stored in a single WMS database. This improves transparency, visibility and consistency of information.

warehouse management system

Enhanced Stock Safety

Use our warehouse management system to keep a close eye on each product stored. This precise detailing prevents damages in perishable goods and product pilferage.

warehouse management system

Reduced Admin Work

Automate daily and repetitive activities using our warehouse management system. This reduces manual admin tasks and provides more data accuracy.

warehouse management system

Improved Productivity

Our warehouse management system provides your employees with a proper workflow structure, clearly defined roles for enhanced performance.

warehouse management system

Scalable And Quick Deployment

Focus WMS empowers you through its cloud-based platform. Its benefits include quick deployment, reduced expenses, 24/7 data accessibility and modular scalability.

warehouse management system

Easy-To-Access UI

The adaptive WMS screen is designed to create a simpler user experience for you. Use its custom display to generate reports with ease.

warehouse management system

Accurate Demand Forecasting

Generate accurate demand and supply reports with our BI-powered WMS to avoid imbalances in your warehouse inventory.


Focus-wms Software
Focus-wms Software
Focus-wms Software
Focus-wms Software

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Focus WMS is composed of several essential tools that work to optimize the warehouse operations, achieve greater productivity and experience business growth.

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