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Why use ERP Software?

Top-Ranked Industry-Specific ERP Software in Singapore And Malaysia

Focus 9 is one of the best ERP systems in Singapore and Malaysia. Its industry-ready templates and fully customizable features empower you to get an ERP system tailored to fit the exclusive needs of your business.

Loaded with state-of-the-art functionalities, our cloud ERP system offers greater expertise and flexibility that your company needs to perform at its best

Focus 9 ERP system also delivers actionable insights that would help you take control of your entire business from supply chain, inventory and accounting to CRM, HR and sales.

Smart Enterprise Resource Planning Software Features For A Smarter Business

erp software scalability


Facilitating Seamless Growth For Your Business

A cloud ERP software designed and developed to support business expansions, it offers the flexibility your business needs to accommodate exponential increase in data volume, increase in workloads and new entity set-ups through regular software upgrades.

erp software mobility


Access data with a swipe of your finger

Our Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning system empowers you with total mobility. Access your business data, get alerts and monitor workflows anytime, from anywhere and on any mobile device.

erp software governance


Define your hierarchies and workflows

Undefined organizational hierarchies and workflows are a major reason behind slowdown in your business operations. Focus 9’s new ERP framework defines the structure and accelerates the approval processes, leading to optimum productivity.

erp software standards


Optimized and swift decision making

Having a common database for all operations allows the cloud ERP system to define and set rules for each activity. This shortens the time for decision making, reduces ambiguity and thereby increases the speed of processes.

in-memory computing

In-Memory Computing

Data processing delays are history

Focus 9 ERP is activated with the power of the Pronghorn server. Its hybrid database structure increases the data processing speed and makes real-time information available almost instantly for insight-driven decisions.

hybrid database

Hybrid Database

Store data on-disk and in-memory

Focus 9 Enterprise Resource Planning incorporates the power of on-disk and in-memory databases to generate concrete, actionable business insights and run queries at an exhilarating speed.

industry ready templates

Industry-Ready Templates

Experience easy and faster deployment

Opt for our industry-ready system and get the cloud business software deployed faster with lower costs. Focus 9 is pre-built with features to support specific requirements of a particular industry and can be customized to suit your unique business necessities.

thin client

Thin Client

Monitor and manage your business on-the-go

Use the thin client ERP system to monitor and manage your business operations. Log on to the cloud-based application, access your business information and monitor workflows from any device on any browser.

Top notch ERP solution features for business breakthrough


Simplified Data Management and Role Based Access

Focus 9 is a futuristic cloud ERP that is equipped with intelligent and advanced technologies to help you gain complete control of your organizational processes. Supply chain, warehousing, CRM, payroll, accounting and other business departments can all be managed from this unified platform.

Focus 9 Robust ERP Software
User-Friendly UI Design

Our ERP system is designed to give you a simpler and better user experience. The custom dashboards allow you to access business transactions quickly and effortlessly. Its simplified layout consolidates all your business processes into fewer screens with intuitive navigation.

The dashboards of Focus 9 have advanced settings that allow you to simply select the filters you need and produce the necessary reports. The cloud ERP system also provides the business managers and employees with a faster, simpler way to record or update critical business data and allows all authorized users to access information as and when necessary.

The adaptive ERP software improves visibility and enhances the productivity of all your business operations.

Focus 9 ERP Benefits
ERP Software Benefits
Better Information Accessibility

Quick access to real-time data is important for business growth. Focus 9 ERP system includes these features to help you make better business process choices for mission-critical processes.

Built with advanced features, Focus 9 enterprise resource management solution delivers superior user experience and improves the overall productivity of your business. Analyze the historical data stored in the system to forecast future demands and accordingly plan your activities to keep up with the changes with our best ERP Software.

From highly customizable reports generation to seamless updating of records, Focus 9 offers flexibility in accessing information, round the clock.

Focus 9 ERP Benefits
Eliminate Security Risks

Focus 9 ERP provides regulated access to the database and frees you from the risk of losing data as it is hosted on cloud. The regulated access ensures strict division of roles and imposes rules that allow access to sensitive information only by authorized users.

The enterprise resource planning software solution establishes clear data management roles that help you to track each user’s interaction and prevents non-compliance. This completely revokes the possibility of data disruption, damage or removal.

Focus 9 ERP Benefits
accounting software third party integrations accounting software third party integrations

AI-Enabled ERP Created to Run Your Business with Ease

AIFA is the best AI for ERP that employs machine learning to improve your business decisions and enhance operational efficiency. With the help of AI chatbots, predictive analytics, face-recognition and robotic process automation tools, AIFA generates powerful reports for a wide range of operations to help you track, monitor and manage these business processes with ease.

Benefits You Can Count On The Best ERP Software

As a Cloud hosted ERP software, the time taken for Focus 9's deployment is considerably lesser than other traditional ERP As a Cloud hosted ERP software, the time taken for Focus 9's deployment is considerably lesser than other traditional ERP

Focus Softnet

Unified ERP application

Multi-module ERP system built to support each department. Ensure all business operations work seamlessly and are managed from a single platform.

Focus Softnet

Streamlined Information

Information across all departments is stored in a single database which ensures data consistency and easy access to support decision making.

Focus Softnet

Business Intelligence

Backed with a powerful BI engine, our ERP solution helps you analyze market demands and generate accurate predictions for upcoming trends.

erp software singapore

Data Import/Export Facility

The robust ERP system optimizes data usage and allows you import and export data in the desired format, simplifying the whole data handling process and saving time.

erp software singapore

Customizable to The Core

Our industry-ready ERP software is fully customized to support your unique business needs, making the deployment faster and configuration easier for users.

erp software singapore

Billing & e-Invoicing System

The easy-to-use e-invoicing system facilitates billing automation, reduces costs, shortens payment cycles, and improves account reconciliation.

erp software singapore

Quick Access to Data

The new-age cloud enterprise resource planning platform offers all the benefits of being a cloud-based, deployment-ready ERP that lowers costs and provides 24/7 data accessibility.

erp software singapore

Email/SMS/Mobile Apps Integration

The ERP is built on robust architecture that integrates all components of Email, SMS and Mobile Apps to guarantee seamless tracking and monitoring of operations.

erp software singapore

Improves Performance Efficiency

ERP software automates repetitive activities, streamlines business processes and makes tracking them easier, ensuring that they are completed with efficiency.


Focus 9 ERP Software
Focus 9 ERP Software
Focus 9 ERP Software
Focus 9 ERP Software

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Focus Softnet is the top ERP vendor, providing the best industry-ready business software. Unlike one-size-fits-all ERP systems, Focus 9 has industry-specific templates that are loaded with powerful tools to support your distinctive operational needs.

Top notch ERP solution features for business breakthrough


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