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Restaurant pos software

Focus e-RMS is a TAX compliant hotel and restaurant management software from Focus Softnet, one of the top providers of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions in Singapore, Malaysia, and other Asia-Pacific regions.

This online hotel reservation and restaurant billing software cater to all the requirements of hotels, restaurants and hospitality enterprises.

Starting from managing table-booking to the payment of bills, there is no operation in a restaurant that has been left uncovered by the ERP solution.

Focus e-RMS also has a customizable dashboard which can be used through both touch screens and keypad. Be it kitchen or tables, the user-friendly interface of the software enables managers to oversee and control every single operation.

With Focus e-RMS, users can access and smoothly manage Kitchen Display System (KOT), recipe, table booking, time tracking, and manager approvals. These features make it a highly preferred choice for restaurants to help them reduce the wait time for customers.

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The next-gen restaurant and hotel management system with advanced features ensures owners and managers with smooth sailing of all business operations. This ERP software has the ability to manage restaurants and hotels functioning in single and multiple locations.

• Keep track of purchase orders, inventory transfers, stock reconciliation, and return processing
• Completely secured system with a robust multi-level security mechanism
• Dynamic and location-specific report generation capabilities for timely decision making
• Integrated accounting system with flexible payment options, split billing, and multi-currency calculation support
• Support dynamic pricing structures based on multiple attributes such as customer, time, location, offer pricing, currency, and more
• Multi-option displays for easy and error-free order booking
• Auto-track purchase orders, inventory transfers, stock reconciliation, and return processing
• Effective tracking of customer history (transaction, feedback, purchase, gift vouchers, discount schemes/promos, loyalty programs, etc.)

Focus e-RMS’s advanced table and order management modules guarantee seamless management of bookings and allotments.

• Keep track of orders and delivery time
• Accessible through mobile devices
• Get complete view of ordered items on the tablets.
• Simplify your food ordering and reduce their processing time

The dynamic report generating capabilities of Focus e-RMS enable restaurant managers and hotel owners to take smart and timely decisions. The unique customization allows users to design the reports as per their requirements.

Users can generate location wise reports, member-related reports, process reports, time-specific reports, reports to compare current sales data with previous data, MIS reports, inventory reports and sales and purchase reports.

Focus e-RMS is integrated with POS system and complies with GST regulations in Singapore, SST laws in Malaysia and other local tax regulations in various countries in the Asia Pacific region. It ensured easy and error-free restaurant billing and restaurant operation management

• Supports multiple pricing structures
• Automate GST/SST/TAX compliant billing
• Easy GST/SST/TAX return filing
• Quick and easily configurable to various modes of payments

Focus eRMS combines the features of an efficient POS software for quick billing along with features specific for restaurant management and hotel administration. It’s a custom-made software for hospitality establishments with modules catering to their specific needs.

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Restaurant Management ERP Software

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Restaurant Management ERP Software

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Restaurant Management ERP Software

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Restaurant Management ERP Software

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