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Restaurant pos software

Why use ERP Software?

Futuristic Hospitality Management Software

Focus e-RMS is a ready-to-use hospitality management software for restaurants that offer fine dining and takeaway services. It is integrated with point of sale (POS) and kitchen order tickets (KOT) features to help you serve more customers and ensure their satisfaction.

The intuitive dashboards in Focus e-RMS application allow the managers to keep an eye on every restaurant operation, whether it is a single or multi-location establishment.

Our all-inclusive, cloud restaurant management system also enables you to offer superior experiences to your customers, build and maintain better relationships with them and grow your business through customer engagement.

State-Of-The-Art Features That Make Restaurant Management Easier

Hospitality Management Software

Order Taking

Automate And Reduce Manual Errors

Digitize order taking with restaurant management POS software. The system helps your restaurant staff to instantly share order details with kitchen and delivery team. This saves time, removes human errors and helps you serve food faster.

Hospitality Management Software

Table Management

Allow Preference-Based Table Allocation

Use the proactive table management feature in our restaurant POS system to get an overview of table booking and occupancy status of various outlets. The software helps you allocate tables as per your customers’ preferences and reduce their waiting time.

Hospitality Management Software

Pre-Order Management

Quicker Order Fulfilment For Take-Away And Home Deliveries

The pre-order management feature allows you to handle single and larger home deliveries or takeaway orders efficiently. It keeps records of the number of plates ordered, menu selected, costs and delivery details to ensure that orders are processed and completed on time.

Hospitality Management Software

E-Invoicing System

Automate Taxation To Make Billing Easier

The cloud restaurant management software lets you define tax and discount percentages based on which the e-invoicing POS system automatically calculates the amounts, includes them in the bills and instantly generates invoices.

Hospitality Management Software

Kitchen Management

Digital KOTs For Faster Food Preparation

Transform your kitchen into an organized and efficient workplace with Focus e-RMS. Streamline kitchen order tickets (KOTs) and integrate them with other processes to immediately notify kitchen staff about the upcoming orders. This paces up the food preparation process and optimizes delivery operations.

Hospitality Management Software

Integrated POS

Secure And Accurate Restaurant Invoicing

Focus e-RMS is integrated with the POS system to support quick and error-free billing. It is built with features that allow split billing, payments through multiple modes and enables multi-currency transactions.

Hospitality Management Software

Loyalty Programs

Easy Management Of Discount Schemes And Promos

Attract customers with loyalty programs to increase the count of returning guests with Focus e-RMS. The software helps you design personalized offers based on location, food ordered, customer and day of the visit. Successfully manage multiple, user-specific promotions to improve customer loyalty.

Hospitality Management Software

Real-Time Data

Synchronize Business Information For Deeper Insights

Our cloud-based POS software synchronizes all operational data from restaurants functioning in multiple locations and provides you with a complete overview of their processes. This helps you to identify and fix operational flaws while increasing productivity.

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Deliver Delightful Experience With Well Organized Restaurant Processes

Designed with intelligent and advanced technologies, Focus e-RMS cloud restaurant POS system enables you to gain total control over all of your restaurant operations and facilitates growth in sales.

Hospitality Management Software
Mobile POS System

The restaurant POS system improves the service level of your restaurant. Waiters could use the system to take orders and immediately share the details with the cooking staff. Once the food is prepared, the kitchen staff notifies the servers using the same platform.

This way, our restaurant POS system increases the resource utilization, provides waiters with enough time to serve customers during their meals and deliver food more efficiently, thereby giving the diners a better experience.

The POS software also allows role-specific access to the database. Waiters, managers and other restaurant staff can access relevant information from any mobile device, anytime.

Restaurant pos software
Restaurant pos software
Provide Better Service To Your Guests

Focus e-RMS helps you build stronger relationships with your customers. The centralized system stores all customer transactions in a single database. Analyze this historical data to better understand the customers’ purchasing habits and create offers they can’t resist.

The restaurant ERP system enables you to create exclusive loyalty schemes and programs. It also allows you to easily add and redeem points in coupons so that customers can redeem them easily.

Through its communication tools, it also enables you to connect with customers effectively and alert them about upcoming offers.

Restaurant pos software
Never Run Out Of Stock

Focus e-RMS software helps you achieve total control over the inventory and reduce costs. Its advanced tracking features help you keep an accurate count on stock-in and stock-out every day, tally the ideal and available inventory levels and eliminate discrepancies.

Our POS system lets you define the stock used per recipe. The application generates reports on stock consumed based on the food prepared. This allows you to keep a tab on the requirements and easily maintain the demand-supply ratio in each outlet, from a single platform.

Restaurant pos software
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Automate Restaurant Operations and Improve Services With AI

AI in restaurant business is transforming the processes, services and facilities. AIFA (Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications) our advanced AI platform, is equipped with chatbots, conversational AI, voice-operated processes and face recognition capabilities to help you interact with customers in a smarter way. Use AI for restaurant forecasting to balance the demand-supply ratio and build greater trust among your diners.

Benefits That Helps Your Restaurant Grow

Hospitality Management Software

Role-Based Access For Greater Security

Set parameters for authorizations and approvals to suit your transaction requirements. Role-based access improves security and reduces the complexity of task allocation/authorization.

Hospitality Management Software

Multiple Payment Options

Flexible payment options improve customer experience. Our restaurant POS software automates invoice generation and billing processes to reduce queuing or delays.

Hospitality Management Software

Generate And Scan Barcodes

Integrated barcode generator and reader enables tracking of goods that move in or out of your restaurant smoothly and quickly.

Hospitality Management Software

Easy Ui That Everyone Can Understand

Easy-to-use dashboards for waiters, cooks, counter staff and managers with numerous information panels to handle their respective tasks with no complications.

Hospitality Management Software

BI Module For More Insightful Reports

Focus e-RMS runs on a powerful BI engine which helps you generate detailed business reports for each department.

Hospitality Management Software

Scalable And Integrated Modules

The cloud-based restaurant management solution is scalable to accommodate the increase in data, transactional volume and workload as your business grows.

Hospitality Management Software

Manage Restaurant From Anywhere

Use Focus e-RMS application to access real-time business data from anywhere. Change the menu, allocate tables, etc., in just a few clicks.

Hospitality Management Software

Fully Customizable System

Our industry-ready POS solution also supports customization. It allows you to modify features according to your business requirements.


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