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Why use ERP Software?

Top-Ranked Best Accounting Software In Singapore

Focus i is a best accounting software in Singapore & Malaysia for businesses of all scale and types. This integrated ERP system makes cash-flow management simple and removes manual handling of monotonous data entry tasks.

With Focus i accounting software, streamline your business operations, generate in-depth reports, track every small transaction, ensure secure billing, manage multi-currency trades and automate tax calculations. Being hosted on the cloud makes it even better. The system allows you to access and manage business data from remotely functioning offices.

Innovative Features To Make Accounting Easy For You

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

Easy e-Invoicing

Automate Calculations To Generate Error-Free Bills

Our easy-to-use e-invoicing software supports quick bill payments. The accounting system instantly generates error-free invoices in customizable formats. It also allows you to define payment alerts to ensure that all transactions are completed on time.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

Cloud Hosted

Manage Your Financials From Wherever You Like

With Focus i cloud-based accounting software, run your business with confidence, know how your operations are performing, update relevant information and stay connected with your team from any device.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

Real-Time Data

Synchronize Business Information To Boost Productivity

The best accounting software synchronizes data from all your business operations functioning in multiple locations and provides you with a clearer overview of each process. It facilitates quick detection and speedier resolution of issues in business processes.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

Inventory Control

Know Your Stock Levels To Reduce Wastage Or Loss

Use the advanced inventory tracking features to gain more control over the stocks. Know your bestselling goods, identify the profitable product lines, keep a tab on the quantity and reduce the piling of unsold goods to eliminate wastages.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

Multi-Currency Support

Manage Accounts And Allow Multi-Currency Transactions

Focus i is an efficient accounting software that simplifies financial management. The system includes multi-currency invoicing and payment features that enable you to initiate all types of transactions with ease.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

Monitor Spends

Greater Visibility For Informed Decision Making

Focus i accounting software records cash flow information of your business. It allows you to check and manage information related to your bank account balances, profit/ loss statements, outstanding invoices and bills due for payment, from a single platform.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

Manage Clients

Save Customer Preferences And Improve Their Experiences

Manage contacts and safely store your customer transaction data related to their choice of purchase, average days to pay, billing amount and other details. Using this information, provide personalized services to your customers and enhance their experience.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

Job Or Project Costing

Improve Tracking For Better Management Of Human Resources

Our accounting ERP software is integrated with project management tools that help you manage multiple projects simultaneously. Use the system to estimate project costs, allocate resources, track the development status, generate operational reports and curb shortfalls.

Top notch ERP solution features for business breakthrough


Simplify Business Operations With Smart ERP Tools

Focus i is built with advanced technology and a host of next-gen features. These help you gain greater control over your accounting and other business operations and thereby help you manage them seamlessly. Log in to the ERP application to generate comprehensive reports and monitor all areas of business.

Accounting software singapore
Make Tax-Filing A Breeze

Filing tax returns is simpler with our well-structed accounting software, Focus i. The IRAS-approved system includes comprehensive dashboards that hold all information related to your business income, expenses, payments and invoices in one place. It also auto-calculates taxation to ensure accurate return filing.

This tax compliant accounting system is built with advanced alert mechanisms. It notifies you about the upcoming due dates and errors when any invalid data is entered into the system or any mandatory information field is left empty.

Accounting software singapore
Accounting system
Simplified Accounting

Focus i is designed to simplify accounting while making other operations more manageable. This all-inclusive accounting software consists of custom dashboards that allow you to add or remove features required to make business transactions effortless.

Business data is consolidated into the dashboards to offer you faster access to information, improve overall operational efficiency, identify and address critical issues as required.

Accounting system
Tamper-Proof Business Data

Our cloud ERP application securely stores important business data. The system has a huge database, offering role-based access to the information that is saved in it. It also enables you to define rules and maintain clear segregation for regulated access.

Further, our business accounting software provides you with a comprehensive monitoring window, allowing you to gain a 360-degree view of users’ activities. This reduces the possibilities of data disruption and eliminates incidents of data theft or misuse.

Accounting system
accounting software third party integrations accounting software third party integrations

Enable Quicker and Accurate Accounting with AI

AIFA, our advanced AI platform, when integrated with accounting software, introduces machine learning, predictive analytics, robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots and face recognition features to automate tedious repetitive tasks like data entry, reconciliation, attendance tracking, etc. Speed-up your accounting and other operations with AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications.

Benefits You Cannot Ignore

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

Real-Time Information

Synchronizes real-time business information to provide complete insights into your finances and other operations for better decision-making.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

Quick Deployment

The cloud accounting system requires no costly hardware which would increase costs and require more time for deployment.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

Data Consistency

Streamline data from all departments, induce information uniformity and run your business operations with a single, centralized data source.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

End-To-End Customizable

Get unparalleled freedom to customize the accounting ERP software in a way that works best for your business.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

Insightful Business

Focus i’s better business insights lead to greater operational strategies and more optimized processes that bring desired outcomes.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

Mobile Application

Work from anywhere through advanced mobile applications. Focus i enables you to stay connected even when you are away from the office premises.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

BI-Powered Reporting

Business intelligence powered accounting system that integrates business data, monitors KPIs and generates in-depth reports in the format you desire.

Accounting ERP Software Singapore

No Data Loss

Back up all your financial and other business information securely and retrieve the data whenever you need it.


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Our accounting ERP software includes intelligent features needed to support you in business management. Focus i is a secure and customizable business application for all major industries in Singapore.

Top notch ERP solution features for business breakthrough


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