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retail pos system

Why use ERP Software?

The Best POS System In Malaysia And Singapore

Focus Softnet provides the best retail POS system in Malaysia and Singapore. The software solution is integrated with industry-specific functionalities to ensure that it handles every aspect of your retail business. Being cloud-based and fully customizable, Focus POS software also offers greater flexibility and scalability to support your future business needs.

Our retail POS system is suited for both single and multi-location stores, delivering insights that would help you take control of your entire business and run operations smoothly. Control you entire retail business with Focus POS, including supply chain, inventory, customers, human resource allocation, accounting and sales.

Intelligent POS Software Features For More Profitable Retail Business

POS System Singapore

Billing & e-Invoicing System

Automate Taxation And Make Invoice Generation Easier

The cloud point of sale software enables you to pre-define billing components and discount percentages. The retail POS system automatically calculates the amount and instantly generates e-invoices.

POS System Singapore

Third-Party Integration

Effortless Retail Billing And Secure Transactions

Focus POS software allows third-party integration. The system is incredibly quick in handling error-free billing, maintaining appropriate inventory levels, deciding product mix for store display, allocating resources and so on.

POS System Singapore

Loyalty Programs

Better Manage Discount Schemes And Promotions

Increase the footfall at your store by providing alluring schemes to your customers. Design personalized offers for your shoppers based on their preferences, time or days of their visits to improve their in-store experience and enhance customer loyalty.

POS System Singapore

Real-Time Information

Synchronize Your Business Data To Improve Operations

The cloud-based point of sale software streamlines and unifies operational data of stores in single as well as multiple locations. This information visibility helps you identify issues and fix them while improving the productivity and profitability of your business.

POS System Singapore

Sales Tracking

Monitor Every Stage Of Your Sales Life Cycle

Whether sales are from store visits or phone orders, Focus POS software records each transaction and allows you to monitor every aspect and stage of the sales cycle.

POS System Singapore

Kitting And De-Kitting

Optimize Operations For Faster Processing

Our retail POS software includes functionality that allows you to define the kitting requirement and assemble goods accordingly. Likewise, the system also supports the breaking up of kitted goods and their return to the stores.

POS System Singapore

Simple Dashboards and UI

Customizable Dashboards With User-Specific Information Panels

Focus POS software is equipped with fully customizable dashboards that can be set up with user-specific attributes. A simpler information panel makes it easier for your employees to access and find relevant data quickly.

POS System Singapore

Automate Restocking

Define Rules For Re-Ordering Process

An intelligent point of sale software enables you to define and apply re-stocking rules when your stock reaches certain levels. The system would notify you in advance and initiate the restocking process.

Top notch ERP solution features for business breakthrough


POS With Insights Designed To Sell More

We have designed a POS software that is easy to set up and use. The system is integrated with multiple modules to help you manage all your business processes related to sales, inventory, human resources, accounting, payments, customers and more.

POS System Singapore
Mobile-Ready POS System

Our mobile-based POS software is designed to improve the service level of your retail business. The system helps store managers to allocate tasks, check or modify store’s displayed product mix, monitor sales, generate customer-specific discount coupons, etc.

Besides, this retail POS software allows role-specific access to managers, payment staff and other shop floor employees to ensure that the information stored in this centralized system is accessed, modified or utilized as needed. This improves your business reach and helps you attain better control over the operations.

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retail pos software
Enhance Customer Relationship

Focus POS software helps you build and maintain stronger relationships with your customers. The system stores your customer data centrally. Utilize this information to understand your customers’ purchase preferences and design personalized offers that they can hardly resist.

With customer information at hand, it would be easier for you to alert them about forthcoming offers and encourage them for further store visits.

Furthermore, with our point of sale system, you would be able to add loyalty points and allow your customers to redeem them while shopping at your store.

retail pos software singapore
Total Control On Stock

The modular structure of our retail POS software allows you to add features to the application that are needed to gain visibility and control over the stock movement. It provides you with a real-time view of inventory to help you keep a tab on each item that moves in or out of your warehouse or store outlets and eliminate issues arising due to data mismatch or other discrepancies.

Use our point of sale system to view what goods are sold in a particular duration and generate in-depth reports on available or sold out items. This feature enables you to get a clear understanding of your inventory requirements and easily maintain the demand-supply ratio at each of your outlets, from one single platform.

retail pos software
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With AI, Recognize Loyal Customers And Offer Personalized Services

Employ Artificial Intelligence in retail to personalize your customer interaction and enhance their experience. AIFA (Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications) is an integrated AI in retail that includes advanced features such as face-recognition, robotic process automation, predictive analytics and chatbots to help you gain better visibility into your business, improve forecasting and achieve growth.

Benefits That Help Reduce Costs

POS System Singapore

Boost Your Sales Performance

Customization and synchronization are key to our retail POS software. Focus POS keeps track of your customer requirements and helps you in efficiently meet their demands.

POS System Singapore

Quick Deployable POS Software

Hosted on the cloud, our retail POS software is implemented in your existing IT infrastructure. It lowers hardware investments and reduces deployment costs.

POS System Singapore

Easy-To-Scale Solution

Cloud-based point of sale system can integrate with other software and modules needed to accommodate the increase in data and transactions, as your business grows.

POS System Singapore

Hassle-Free Billing With Retail POS

Our retail POS software generates error-free invoices and facilitates payments through split bills, debit/ credit cards and store credits.

POS System Singapore

Multi-Currency Transactions

Focus POS supports multi-currency transactions to enable you to run your retail business effortlessly. It offers easy payment options for your customers.

POS System Singapore

Centralized Data

Cloud point of sale software syncs data from all your store outlets on a single platform to provide you with a better view and control over your business operations.

POS System Singapore

Manage Business Anywhere

Use our POS solution to access real-time business data from anywhere. Generate and view reports from any device with an internet connection.

POS System Singapore

Enhance Customer Loyalty With AIFA

Integrated with our inhouse face recognition AI software, AIFA, Focus POS system instantly recognizes your loyal customers and generate personalized service for them.


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Focus-pos Software
Focus-pos Software
Focus-pos Software

Verticals We Serve In Singapore And Malaysia

We have built an all-inclusive POS software for retail businesses operating in Singapore and Malaysia. Whether you have a supermarket, multi-brand outlet, lifestyle store, hypermarket, fast food or boutique store, we provide the best solution to minimize your operational expenses and maximize profits.

Top notch ERP solution features for business breakthrough


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