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Focus POS is a GST-ready retail management software from Focus Softnet, one of the top POS software providers in Asia Pacific countries, especially Singapore. It is a cloud based POS software with multiple features to manage and operate single and multi-location retail stores.

Whether it is a Super market, Multi brand outlet, life style stores, Hyper market, Fast food or Boutique store; Focus POS is the best POS software for retail businesses, ensuring minimum operational expenses and maximum profitability.

Retail establishments often face multiple challenges in store optimization and integration due to the lack of efficient solutions that are scalable, easy to use and quick to deploy. Using different software for various divisions usually results in decreased productivity and loss of resources. As a one-stop scalable retail business software, Focus POS helps retailers in analyzing point of sale, managing inventory, purchases and accounting and other aspects of business. It substantially reduces costs and time-consuming chores which tend to weigh down operations. Its effectiveness as a robust point of sale software can be gauged by the swiftness and ease with which it enables quick, accurate and secure transactions.

Focus POS supports quick synchronization which allows users to manage remote stores from one central location, transfer stock between stores, share pricing, share customers, schemes, gift cards, receivables etc. Other important features include its support for multiple languages and multiple currencies for all stores it’s used in.

Focus POS has 9 comprehensive modules that can be customized to suit a retail store’s needs and requirements. All the modules can be accessed through a powerful dashboard which is a set of customizable information panels for masters and transactions. Users can define what type of notifications they want to receive and share the dashboard with other users/employees as and when required.

The modules cover all the major aspects of retail such as sales, pre-orders, home deliveries, purchase orders, inventory transfers, customer tracking, discount management, schemes, promos and loyalty program management, data synchronization and security.

Focus POS is equipped with numerous capabilities which make it stand out as the best POS software for retail stores. Its user friendly interface can be used by both touch screen and keypad. It has enhanced data synchronization capabilities that are further strengthened with its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration. Users can enable flexible payment and tendering options and also activate support for multiple currencies and languages.

Focus POS empowers retail store owners by giving them total control over their inventories. Users can manage inventory transfers and stock reconciliation and enable reorder based auto indenting while getting notified on stock below the reorder level. They can also process orders by linking various documents, issue and redeem credit notes and use functions such as branch requisition of items and dynamic rounding off.


With Focus POS, store owners can obtain feedback from customers after home deliveries, introduce gift vouchers, both in-house and external; and obtain powerful reports through the in-built advanced report designer.

Security is of paramount importance for every retail establishment. The security features of Focus POS are not only strong and effective but are also smooth and operation-friendly, ensuring that despite capable security, no operations are hindered or hit roadblocks. With Focus POS, store owners can enable multiple security features such as database and windows authentication, role-based security, user definable password policies, enhanced network access facility, domain user login, location level security, robust data security, configurable manager approval system and user verification system to track daily operations.

Focus POS also covers the pricing aspect for all products in a retail store. It supports multiple price book definitions and is equipped with several pricing options such as time duration pricing, location based pricing, promotional offer pricing, currency specific price definitions, unit wise pricing, customer/ Vendor specific pricing and different seller and buyer price books. As a capable cashier system software, it integrates all the afore-mentioned features with its billing features which are compliant with Singapore’s GST regulations and the local tax laws of Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Bangladesh.

Focus Softnet emerged as one of the top GST ready POS software providers in Singapore where it’s an accredited provider of GST compliant POS retail software. Its expertise in providing comprehensive business solutions across various industries has earned it trust and admiration from major business establishments. Since its inception, it has prepared multiple business solutions that complied with different tax regulations across several countries, making it an experienced and trusted provider of tax complying business software. All solutions of Focus Softnet are known to comply with the tax regulations in the countries they are used. In the GCC countries, where new tax laws were implemented in January 2018, the company was one of the first ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) providers to put its users live with VAT compliant features.

Focus POS fully complies with GST regulations. It makes GST return filing easy with its integrated modules and its ability to manage multiple outlets by assimilating and synchronizing sales data. It can also speed up transactions at your retail store with quick configuration and options such as specifying various modes of order placements.

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Customizable Info panels for Masters and Transactions

User definable notifications and Alerts

RSS feeds

KPI based dashboard

Walk- in sales

Phone orders

Pre orders (Planned orders for parties and celebrations)

Home Delivery option

Payment on delivery

Future orders for parties and celebrations

User configurable schemes and discounts for pre-orders

Collection of order at different outlet

Allows Payments at Multiple outlets

Allows cancellation of orders

Configurable member module

Point definition by member type

Discounts for Members

Know your customer

User definable kitting of products

Price definition for kitting

Assignment of barcode for kits

Schemes on kits

Discounts by time /Day

Discounts on items/ Bill value

Discount for employees

Discounts on payment modes (discount on credit /Debit cards)

User definable discount limits by employee category

Option to combine and un-combine multiple schemes

Schemes on Bill/ Item / Cumulative Bill

Discounts on Products

Option to fix rate on certain products

Point definition by member type

Discounts for members

Redeem points for Bill payment/ Credit note /Gift voucher

Discounts/ Gift vouchers for members

Multiple Security levels

Domain user mapping, Accounts/Products/Tags restrictions, field level rights for the users

Auto indenting based on Reorder level/Sales quantity

Track inventory at other outlets

Request for stock transfer from different outlet

Suggest Substitute items in case of low inventory Related items

Top Benefits

erp software business benifits
Business Benefits

Business Benefits

• Increase profitability by raising performance and productivity
• Manage multiple outlets with pricing advantage
• Increase customer satisfaction by quick, accurate and secure transactions
• Customize and synchronize with ease
• Track and understand customer requirements better

erp software functional benifits
Functional Benefits

Functional Benefits

• Supports transactions in multiple currencies
• Has multilingual interface options
• Synchronizes and assimilates sales data from multiple outlets
• Quickly configurable and scalable solution that integrates with a variety of ERP applications
• Accommodates various programs like dynamic membership program, point redemption model etc.

erp software technical benifits

Technical Benefits

Technical Benefits

• Efficient use of resources minimizing data entry
• Anytime-access and input data in real time


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