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Focus Softnet provides a set of automotive industry software that include robust ERP and CRM solutions. These IT applications run on powerful BI engines, are powered by in-memory computing and advanced reporting tools. With their industry-ready templates and vertical-specific features, these automotive industry solutions empower businesses with their seamless integration and quick deployment.

Apart from the major modules to manage finance, inventory, production and sales, Focus Softnet’s solutions also include specifically built modules for dealership management, garage and workshop management as well as car rentals and lease management. These modules come with their own unique features to manage and update data accurately, notify and alert users over pending activities and provide reliable reports.

Automotive Software

Known as an industry which deals in one of the most competitive markets, the automotive industry is an arena of multi-faceted challenges. Automotive businesses are known to move faster than the pace of the vehicles they manufacture and sell, which means, they rely on automotive ERP systems that provide them real time updates and a bird’s view over all the manufacturing, sales and distribution activities.

From a technical perspective, businesses that use multiple software for each function of their business end up spending more. However, an IT application that unifies all features on a single platform would significantly reduce costs and provide a seamless access to all business functions. The ease of access would also reflect in faster transfer of data and timely decisions.

Focus Softnet has been providing ERP and CRM solutions to businesses operating in all major industries. Its solutions are known to be reliable, quickly deployable and easy to use. Through their advanced reporting mechanisms, Focus Softnet’s solutions provide users with a comprehensive view over their business and different methods to analyse various functions. They also enable users to streamline internal as well as external communication with controlled, secure and easily accessible data sharing options.

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