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Automated ERP software for the automotive industry in Singapore and Malaysia

Tough competition, complex regulations and an increasingly well-informed consumer base is what currently defines the automotive industry in Singapore and Malaysia. Owing to the change of buyers from a conventional buying path to an elongated and digitally transformed process, companies dealing with auto sales are constantly facing challenges.

Garage management and workshop management are also facing huge roadblocks which make it difficult for businesses to satisfy customers and deliver efficient service. With the rise of internet-based cabs and car rental services, many establishments are searching for robust and integrated fleet management systems that will help them navigate all aspects of the business.

Major Challenges Faced By The Automotive Industry In Singapore And Malaysia

Automotive ERP Solutions

Altered Sales Lifecycle And Overhaul In The Purchase Processes

Digital transformation and the way it has enveloped all aspects of business has significantly altered the sales lifecycle and transformed the whole purchase process in auto sales. These changes require businesses to realign themselves and structure their approach in a new way.

Automotive businesses today have to put in efforts to appear significant in the new buying patterns and notch a place in consumer preferences. Unlike traditional marketing, this is a more level playing field with many medium and small enterprises giving a tough fight to large and established businesses.

Automotive ERP Solutions

Challenges In Managing After-Sales Services And Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect their automotive seller to be available whenever necessary and provide them with efficient after-sale services. With car dealers catering to multiple brands, it has become difficult to run and manage garages. Scheduling, unreliable availability of spare parts are adding up more to their burden.

As they lack dedicated structures for maintaining and streamlining their facilities, automotive companies end up spending more on after-sales services in terms of manpower and money, while being unable to meet customer expectations in delivering fast and hassle-free services.

Automotive ERP Solutions
Automotive ERP Solutions

Maintaining A Balanced Inventory And Asset Management

Maintaining a balanced inventory is very difficult for companies that serve multiple brands and cater to a diverse group of customers. A balanced stock of spare parts is also a prerequisite to ensure efficient working of a garage or auto repair shop.

Automotive businesses require fixed asset management software to manage assets and ensure that they are in best working conditions. In the absence of a functional asset management system, businesses would be unable to gauge asset capacity and their working conditions.

Automotive businesses require fixed asset management software to control assets and ensure they are in the best working conditions. Businesses would not be able to measure asset capacity and their working status in the absence of a robust asset management system.

How Focus Softnet’s Cloud ERP Software Would Help Your Automotive Business Overcome Challenges

Automotive ERP Software

Automated Sales Lifecycle Management

By implementing the custom-made ERP software for automotive dealers in Singapore from Focus Softnet, you'd be able to automate the entire sales lifecycle at each stage, such as acquisition, monitoring, supply and estimation. You would also be able to generate smart invoices and integrate sales with finance.

Automotive ERP Software

Integrated Module For Garage And Workshop Management

Focus Softnet’s workshop software is loaded with features to increase productivity. You can control your garage or automotive repair shop with this unified platform and assign mechanics for specific tasks like maintenance and repairs. It would also help you keep track of spare parts and manage cost estimation and invoicing.

Automotive ERP Software

Accounting Software With GST And SST Compliance

ERP software systems are equipped with IRAS-approved finance management modules and accounting software which complies with GST regulations in Singapore and SST laws in Malaysia. You can also prepare your budget, record all sales data and create invoices with automated tax computations using the finance module.

Automotive ERP Software

Automated Reminders, User Defined Alerts And Document Management

Define alerts and set up automatic reminders to help you comply with the regulations. Use our document management features to store important documents safely and access them as needed. Hosted on cloud, the automotive ERP software can be accessed via any device, including your mobile phone to provide you with anytime access.

Automotive ERP Software

Inventory Management With Automated Restocking

Match the inventory against the right vehicles and spare parts, based on the market demand, with the help of smart forecasting of our ERP systems. The ERP system would also help you by automating the restocking process, based on the current stock level and pending orders.

Automotive ERP Software

Car Rentals And Fleet Management

Focus Softnet provides top-notch ERP software in Singapore for fleet management and car renting establishments. You can integrate real-time vehicle location tracking and control every vehicle, manage all fleet operations, schedule maintenance and record customer information; all from a single, cloud-hosted and mobile-ready software.

Automotive ERP Software

Customer Satisfaction And Revenue Growth

By helping you deliver the best customer experience, our automotive ERP software would ensure that you can always track and improve the quality of your services and boost customer loyalty, providing you with more references that can be efficiently capitalized through our CRM.

Automotive ERP Software

Simplify Price And Quotation Management

With Focus Softnet’s ERP software, you can automate pricing and quotation management by defining prices based on various specifications. Additionally, the software can help you submit quotes, handle discounts and analyze data on the basis of which pricing and quotation can be fine-tuned.

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