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Vertical : Distribution

Focus Softnet’s set of distribution ERP software is known for powerful integration capabilities and ease-of-use. By providing industry-ready templates with built-in vertical specific features, Focus Softnet’s ERP solutions significantly reduce the deployment time and empower users with a higher level of customization through which they can tailor the solutions as per their business requirements, distribution methods and supply chain compulsions.

Built to cater to the different needs of various business verticals, the solutions run on robust BI engines, powered by in-memory computing for faster and accurate transactions. Every solution has its own unique features, benefits and advantages and can be deployed as cloud-based solutions or on-premise systems.

Distribution ERP Software

The distribution wholesale sector is facing challenges that go beyond the normal. Supply chains are getting more complex and with reduced margins and businesses are fighting an uphill battle to sustain in the competition. In this scenario, ERP software for distribution have emerged as the go-to solutions to improve business efficiencies, increase profits and stay ahead of their competitors.

ERP solutions have gained much traction in the last decade since the Internet became more accessible. From large scale distribution chains to local retail stores, businesses across the world have come to understand the importance of investing in a powerful enterprise resource planning solution. They help businesses circumvent problems by detecting them early on, through reliable forecasting mechanisms. By providing forecasting right on the fingertips, the distribution management software ensures that businesses are prepared for any major uphauls in the manufacturing industry that may directly affect supply chains and distribution. They also help in optimizing all important tasks and integrate them to a single platform through which owners can always feel the pulse, take timely decisions and monitor progress in real time.

Focus Softnet’s expertise in providing multi-capability and fully integrated ERP solutions dates back to over a quarter of a century, to 1992. Its solutions are used by major distribution channels and companies in 17 countries around the globe.

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