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Distribution Planning Software For Wholesale Businesses

Distribution is one of the most influential sectors that links all industries and plays the most important role in supplying end users with products. Comprising of a variety of activities involving different types of businesses, distribution is the convergence of sales, purchases, logistics, warehousing, financing, and supply chain management.

The varied nature of the distribution businesses also makes it vulnerable to many unique challenges. In Singapore and Malaysia, companies are going through an important transition and moving towards digitization and automation through the industry 4.0 push. In the following, we discuss the major challenges the distribution sector faces and examine the solutions offered by the ERP systems from Focus Softnet.

Challenges Faced By The Distribution Sector In Singapore And Malaysia

ERP Software for Wholesale distributors

Increased Customer Expectations And Outdated Processes

Due to the e-commerce boom and internet connectivity, customers today expect faster deliveries of products and are very vocal about the quality and service they receive. Both of these cannot be fulfilled with the obsolete processes employed by many distribution outlets in Singapore and Malaysia.

Distribution companies often find it challenging to fulfil orders due to the sheer quantity of demand. With no systems in place to anticipate a demand surge, many struggle to gauge customer expectations on time.

ERP Software for Wholesale distributors

Growing Unpredictability Of The Market And Increased Competition

With each passing year, markets in Singapore and Malaysia have become more and more volatile due to fragmentation. The unpredictability has all but increased with purchasing patterns changing faster than ever before.

Stricter regulations also pose a challenge to businesses that are still using outdated processes. With new entrants in the market, the competition has become more tough and margins narrower. Although delivery systems have improved with better connectivity, last mile delivery still remains a challenge with unpredictable delays and no systems in place to predict them on time.

ERP Software for Wholesale distributors
ERP Software for Wholesale distributors

Maintaining A Balanced Inventory

A balanced warehouse plays the most vital role in any distribution company’s success. Establishments that do not use automated systems are unable to forecast market demands in advance and are often faced with the challenge of having an imbalanced inventory, such as overstocking of slow-moving goods or understocking of fast-moving goods.

The use of manual procedures contributes to delivery errors, leading not only to delays but also to unnecessary return expenses. It increases the processing time of the order, causes delays in picking up while also involving more human resources for repetitive tasks that could be done with an automated system.

How Focus Softnet Can Help Your Distribution Business Overcome Challenges

ERP Software for Wholesale distributors

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting can be game changing for wholesale distributors. Focus Softnet’s cloud-based distribution management software are equipped with demand forecasting capabilities that allow you to predict market demand and improve inventory planning and ensure that no products are overstocked or understocked.

ERP Software for Wholesale distributors

Powerful CRM To Stay Connected With Customers

The level of connectivity that you have with your clients will decide how stable and secure your business is. With our efficient CRM, custom made for wholesale distribution companies, you can achieve better business results with features to help you carry out follow-ups and stage analysis for various leads to reach their full potential.

ERP Software for Wholesale distributors

Flexible Pricing Mechanisms

As a wholesale distributor, it is important that you have a flexible pricing system that can appeal to different customer segments. As the suppliers of the industry's best distribution management software, our ERP systems allow you to set several price lists that can be used for promotion pricing.

ERP Software for Wholesale distributors

Inventory Planning And Tracking System

Simplify warehouse management with custom-made ERP software for production and supply chain. Plan all aspects of your inventory and get updates on each sales order in real time. Automate the entire process of picking and eliminate errors to reduce returns and delays.

distribution ERP

Integrated Sales And Shipping Modules To Ensure Information Integrity

Focus Softnet provides Singapore and Malaysia with the best-equipped ERP software for distribution companies. Our systems minimize the loss of information across departments and during shipment, by capturing and relaying relevant data from the sales module to logistics for the creation of sales quotation.

distribution ERP

Real Time Smart Reports And Dashboards For Quick View Of All Operations

Equipped with our business management tools, you'd get a 360-degree view of all of your wholesale distribution business operations. The real-time and insightful reports would also help you manage and organize all areas of distribution and supply chain.

distribution ERP

Finance Management With GST And SST Compliance

Our wholesale distribution management software is also equipped with a powerfully integrated accounting and finance module that would help you monitor all transactional data from a single platform. It is also integrated with payroll systems and complies with GST regulations in Singapore and SST laws in Malaysia.

distribution ERP

Mobile Ready And Customization Enabled

All our ERP systems are ready for mobile use and customization-friendly to help you set the processes for your distribution business as needed. Hosted on the cloud, the applications are easy to access without any difficulty. With their user-friendly interface, they can be configured quickly and easily.

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