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Administrative Challenges And School Management Systems

Unlike other sectors and industries, education plays a vital role in driving the economy of any country and shoulders the responsibility of providing the world with smart and informed citizens.

With thousands of students from across the world travelling towards them, Singapore and Malaysia have made significant progress in the field of education and are known as prominent places for higher education. Nonetheless, educational establishments still face serious administrative challenges that have to be dealt with. In the following, we explore such challenges and how they could be solved through cloud based and online school management systems provided by Focus Softnet.

Challenges Faced By Education Establishments In Singapore And Malaysia

school management system

Measuring Academic Achievements And Revenues

Owing to the complex nature of activities and the lack of a unifying management software, quantifying accomplishments in an educational establishment is always difficult. Measuring academic achievements, however, is an important requirement for institutions to evaluate their educational potential and plan for the future.

Sustaining an organization financially requires strong processes and continuous monitoring of the finances to ensure that it has enough in its coffers to run operations smoothly. It is also needed to increase revenue generation in order to accommodate future plans of expansion. While many schools have basic finance management software and online systems, they lack a unified system that incorporates all school management operations.

school management system

Manual Admission Processes And Administrative Challenges

Schools and educational establishments that still rely on manual management processes are prone to serious problems that may affect their functioning. For example, many institutions still rely on processes that are partly or completely manual for admissions. This results in data duplication and processing delays.

Students as well as parents prefer online modes for fee payment, communication and many other aspects, which is impossible to achieve without an automated school management system and cloud-based education management software. The lack of automation would also prevent the management from getting real time updates related to day-to-day operations, schedule management, course management and time allocation.

school management software
school management software

Complications In Resource Allocation And Infrastructure Management

Management and allocation of resources at an educational institution is subject to understanding of multiple requirements, timelines and preferences. All of this is difficult to accomplish with manual processes and may result in administrative chaos if ignored.

Automated cloud-based systems are also needed in asset management to ensure maximum lifespan, capacity-based usage, timely maintenance and services for smooth functioning of the establishment. The lack of such systems would inherently delay the workings of the school and disrupt pre-planned activities, schedules and timetables.

How Focus Softnet's School Management System Can Help You Overcome Challenges

Education ERP Software

Automated Admission And Administrative Processes

By installing our web-based school management software, you can automate the entire admission process from distribution of seats to fee payment, making it easier allocate students to their respective courses, classes and sections. It would also assist in key administrative tasks and eliminate time consuming manual processes.

Education ERP Software

Easy Fee Payment Through Web Portal

By offering online payment options to students and parents via a web portal, you would not only simplify the entire payment process, but would also ensure timely payment of fees and eliminate intermediary procedures between payment and receipt.

Education ERP Software

Finance Management With GST And SST Compliance

A powerfully integrated and IRAS-approved finance module is featured in every cloud-based school management software provided by Focus Softnet. This module helps you record data related to all financial transactions and tax computations. It would also help you comply with the GST regulations in Singapore and SST laws in Malaysia.

Education ERP Software

CRM Powered Communication – ESS For Students And Parents

Our cloud-based school management systems are also loaded with customizable CRM features to facilitate both internal and external communication. Connect with teachers, students or parents/guardians, send report cards through a single click and reach them on their mobile phones. The system is also equipped with a smart ESS for students and parents with easy UI.

Education ERP Software

Efficient Data Management And Accessible Records

Simplify the student data storage process and have it readily accessible via our student data management system. With our cloud ERP, not only would you be saved from mounts of paper but would also be able to define user access to records, based on their role and facilitate data integration and synchronization in real time.

Education ERP Software

Efficient Management Of Assets And Infrastructure

Focus Softnet’s cloud-based school administration software assists facility managers in asset management by providing them with comprehensive data related to all assets and infrastructure, their current usage status and capacity. The software also simplifies the school resource management, resource allocation and inventory management.

school management software

Improve Quality Of Teaching And Administration

By automating repetitive tasks and removing manual procedures, you would be encouraging the teaching and non-teaching staff to concentrate more on teaching and planning, improve the quality of education and administration throughout the establishment, and pave the way for research and other core educational activities.

school management software

Gain 360-Degree Visibility And Control

Focus Softnet’s cloud-based school management systems would provide you with 360-degree visibility across all departments of your organization, including staff & HR management, finance management and inventory management. With enhanced visibility on any device through our mobile app and maintenance software, you would have more control over all assets and their usage on your fingertips.

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