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Property Management Software For Real Estate Businesses

Real estate and construction are among the top industries that drive growth in Singapore and a key sector of Malaysia’s economy. In the last few decades it has played a vital role in transforming both regions into attractive investment destinations, providing companies with the necessary infrastructure and eco-system to thrive.

Nevertheless, with the changing landscape, automation and digitization, the real estate industry faces a new set of challenges and problems that it needs to overcome to maintain growth and success. In the following, we discuss the major challenges it faces and how Focus Softnet would help you in overcoming them.

Challenges Faced By The Real Estate Industry In Singapore And Malaysia

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Scattered Project Management Processes And Regulatory Compliance Challenges

Project management is the most vital and all-encompassing aspect of real estate and construction. Unfortunately, many real estate firms are not equipped with systems that would enable to manage all projects from a single platform.

The lack of a unified platform to manage multiple projects results in disintegration in project planning, clashes in schedules and resource allocation. It can also generate regulatory compliance problems, as monitoring all regulatory requirements from different sources would be difficult.

real estate crm software

Dependence On Manual Processes And Lack Of Real Time Reporting Capabilities

Real estate companies and construction firms frequently rely on manual processes that hamper their ability to take timely decisions. In addition to being susceptible to inaccuracies and delays, manual processes often prevent companies from obtaining a comprehensive and detailed summary of all operations.

With no real-time reporting, it would be difficult for company owners and managers to allocate resources based on criteria, handle personnel and assess and control costs. As a result, reporting would be delayed and marred by mistakes that could affect the decision-making process.

real estate crm software
real estate crm software

Sustaining Profitability, Customer Satisfaction And On-Time Product Deliveries

In the real estate sector, meeting customer expectations and ensuring their satisfaction is always a challenge. Real estate firms in Singapore have to maneuver through multiple problems such as strict regulatory compliance, maintaining eco-friendly construction initiatives while also sustaining the business in terms of profitability.

All of these problems are difficult to navigate without automated and integrated systems that would help businesses access data, monitor and assist them in planning for every aspect of operations by providing reliable and accurate information.

How Focus Softnet’s Real Estate and Construction ERP Can Help You Overcome Challenges

real estate crm software

Automation Driven Project Management

Focus Softnet’s property management software would help you drive project management with automated tools that would significantly reduce costs and help you adhere to project deadlines. Our ERP software is equipped with tools to automate all processes from sales and billing to project tracking and reporting.

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Resource Allocation And Tracking

Whether it's labor or raw material management, the construction ERP software from Focus Softnet will help you allocate resources in the right quantity for different aspects of the project and also help you monitor their usage to avoid wastage and ensure optimum utilization.

real estate crm software

Sales Pipeline Management And Contact Management

Our real estate transaction management software would also aid you in developing powerful marketing strategy to communicate with prospects along with sales pipeline management. With our ERP, you can assign units for each sale based on availability, schedule visits and ensure transactions are coordinated for each sale.

real estate crm software

Smart Marketing Processes And Integration With Online Portals

In order to facilitate deals and schedule meetings, our real estate CRM software would help you communicate with real estate agents and brokers. As a primary tool for linking buyers and sellers, the real estate lead management software would monitor all the enquiries in real time and list your business on relevant real estate websites and portals.

real estate crm software

Smart Reporting – Project Specific And Comprehensive Reports

The real estate property management software monitors all activities across the business and provides accurate data related to the operation of each department and unit. Whether you want to check the status of the construction of an ongoing project or produce a report on the financials of the year, all you need to do is access the reporting module.

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Finance Management With GST And SST Compliance

Have an integrated finance management module at your disposal and get complete control over your business financials. All of our construction ERP and real estate systems are loaded with reliable, IRAS-approved accounting software that comply with GST regulations in Singapore and SST laws in Malaysia.

real estate crm software

Real Time Alert System And Approval Processes

Whether your engineers are present on the field or in office, our real-time alert systems will help you stay linked to all construction projects and take action when and where necessary. The property management and construction ERP also makes it easier for you to grant approvals on the go, avoiding delays.

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Smart Dashboards And Customization

Focus Softnet’s real estate management software systems are loaded with smart dashboards that could be defined for user-specific access and roles. One of the biggest advantages of implementing our property management software is the degree of flexibility and customization we offer so that your business fits snugly into the new system.

real estate crm software

Personnel Management With Integrated Payroll System

Manage personnel from a unified HR system with integrated payroll system, in accordance with Singapore and Malaysia’s regulations. Streamline and simplify manpower management while allocating tasks and tracking workers from a single window.

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