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Service Establishments

Vertical : Service Establishments

Focus Softnet designs purpose-built service establishment solutions to enable businesses to gain a real-time view of its finances, ongoing and upcoming projects, clients requirements, and resources. These CRM and ERP for business operations help firms automate their day-to-day administrative processes, empowering management to invest time and involve resources to focus on the most crucial part of the business - serving clients and combating industry challenges.

These tested and proven business solutions enable service-centric establishments to proactively analyze business, improve project execution, drive high performance, and bring operational excellence to boost revenue. With ready-to-go capabilities, these solutions are apt for businesses like consultancies, accountants, law firms, architecture practices, real estate managers, and many more.

ERP for Small Business

Services-centric organizations need to manage increasingly complex client projects while keeping a tight control over project costs and meet specified deadlines. They also face unique challenges that are hardly encountered by businesses from any other industries. These firms require adaptable and easy-to-use business solutions having intelligent tools to help them comply with client-specific contracts and project requirements, manage critical financial resources and workforce, maintain invoicing formats, quickly react to changing client needs, sell and deliver project-based services, manage subcontractor’s complex network, and more. In absence of an automated solution, all these can impose a heavy burden on firm and the people associated with it.

Ideal CRM and ERP solutions provide tools the users need to efficiently monitor every operation a service-centric company performs. These include business development, project and resource planning, billing and all other operations related to client, project, finances, and resources, thus providing greater insight to make smarter business decisions.

The rich functionality of these software applications for service establishments are designed specifically to meet the needs of project-driven firms’ and is the key to successful service delivery. They have all-inclusive project lifecycle support, intrinsic business development capabilities, project management with flexibility, streamlined resource planning and scheduling, configurable billing and other capabilities suitable for small, medium, and large-scale organizations.

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Focus 9

Focus 9 is the new leading edge ERP solution by Focus Softnet, a distinguished enterprise applications provider building revolutionary products to support today’s complex business requirements.

Focus i

Strengthen your business with a flawless Business Intelligence embedded in a strong ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) that enables seamless integration, effortless customization and reliable/flawless automation.

Centra CRM

Centra CRM is a robust Cloud CRM software provided by Centra Hub, a sister concern of Focus Softnet and one of the top CRM software companies in GCC countries, India and the Asia Pacific region

Centra HCM

A highly efficient and customizable solution for Human Capital Management, Centra HCM not only helps in automating processes but also enables users in tracking operations.

Centra REMS

Centra REMS is an all-encompassing software for holistic real estate management. With its three comprehensive modules that guarantee a 360 degree view of all assets, leads and opportunities


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