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Integrated Warehouse Management Systems

Warehousing and logistics as an industry forms the backbone of many other sectors as it is crucial to deliver goods to end-users and consumers at the right time, in the quantity they want. Warehousing and logistics businesses in Singapore and Malaysia have been at the forefront when it comes to adopting new technologies to bring in more efficiency and better service.

However, the warehousing establishments in these regions face significant challenges that have proved to be major hindrances in their way of achieving maximum development. In the following, we discuss the major challenges faced by the industry and how Focus Softnet’s warehouse management systems and ERP solutions help to overcome them.

Challenges Faced By Warehousing And Logistics In Singapore And Malaysia

warehouse management system

Inventory Planning And Optimization

Warehouses in Singapore and Malaysia lack measures to monitor the performance of supply chains, how well they are able to fulfill ongoing demands and therefore unable to predict the potential surge or decline in future demand. This makes inventory management and planning very difficult.

Storage facilities also face problems in optimizing their use of space for maximum efficiency. With no automated inventory management software to manage stocks and greater dependence on manual processes, warehouses are unable to grow their potential.

inventory management system

Lack Of Integration In Warehouse Processes

Most of the warehouses and logistics establishments work on a multitude of software that operate separately from each other. The lack of integration contributes to the formation of data silos, data duplication and outdated information that significantly affects both short- and long-term decision making, and even causes waste of raw material and resources.

Without a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to integrate processes, business owners and managers would be unable to track ongoing operations and their status, resulting in delayed order processing and dissatisfied customers.

inventory management system
inventory management system

Operational Inefficiencies

The lack of a unified warehouse ERP system results in operational inefficiencies as the business owners and managers would not be equipped with the tools to gain control on inventory, manage workforce and optimize storage.

Warehouses that are unable to track their operations would have a lesser customer satisfaction rate. Operational inefficiencies would also result in higher costs and lower revenue growth, as slow order processing pushes customers away rather than retaining them.

How Focus Softnet’s Warehouse Management Systems Solve Your Problems?

warehousing and logistics ERP

Automated Inventory Management

Focus Softnet’s warehouse WMS systems would empower you with total inventory control by automating warehouse operations and improving their visibility. From warehouse set-up and billing to order quantity and order tracking, these systems allow you to enforce control at all levels and facets of inventory management.

warehousing and logistics ERP

Total Warehouse Integration

Our cloud-hosted IRAS approved WMS systems would help you achieve total warehouse integration by combining all departments under a single platform. From finance and inventory management to movement and logistics, all aspects of a warehouse can be managed through our unified and customizable ERP systems.

warehousing and logistics ERP

Mobile-Ready And Secure ERP For Timely Decisions

Our WMS systems are mobile-ready and are accessible via any device for timely decisions. They are equipped with advanced security features that would restrict any unauthorized entry into the system while ensuring that authorized users have easy access to data.

warehousing and logistics ERP

Improving Productivity With WMS

Focus Softnet’s warehouse management systems would also help you improve your warehouse productivity by driving efficiency across all processes, at every stage. Improve the responsiveness towards each order, manage human resources more effectively and ensure that space is put to optimum use with our ERP systems.

warehousing and logistics ERP

Quicker Order Processing With Automation

Use our WMS software to automate order processing at the first level of its initiation, ensure that picking errors are minimized and 360-degree monitoring is enabled for complete control. The automation introduced by our warehousing management system would empower you to gain deeper insights into all operations.

warehousing and logistics ERP

Efficient Transport Management

Logistics businesses require deployment of our fleet management systems to streamline transportation activities and to ensure that nothing blocks the movement process or slows it down. These applications also allow integration with third-party logistics systems to amplify their usage and scale.

warehousing and logistics ERP

Track All Shipments

Track your shipments in real-time with Focus Softnet’s logistics software. These logistics management systems are equipped with tools that provide you with timely updates about the status of each shipment and also help you to record your customer rating to gauge their satisfaction. Right from packaging and shipping to transport management and fleet management, our logistics software systems leave no business aspect uncovered.

warehousing and logistics ERP

Improved Visibility Across The Warehouse

Keep track and monitor inventory stored in your single or multi-location warehouse. Our WMS systems integrate all your business operations to provide you with greater visibility across all channels, generate forecasts and provide insights related to future demands. This would help you sustain in the highly competitive market and put you on a fast track to growth.

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