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Warehousing and Logistics

Vertical : Warehousing and Logistics

Focus Softnet builds ERP software solutions for the warehouse and logistics industry, catering to the unique requirements of the businesses. These applications offer a single, fully integrated system to manage accounts and financials, inventory, customer relationship (CRM), and other operations functioning in the entire warehouse. The automated tools consolidate and streamline both internal and external warehouse processes to improve accuracy and efficiency while increasing the productivity of the business.

The ERP software solutions for warehouse management include advanced modules with warehouse-specific parameters to support and optimize operations in single as well as multi-location establishments. They increase operational efficiency to bring excellence and reduce costs for warehouses of all sizes and complexities.

Inventory Management System

Warehousing and logistics are a vital part of the supply chain, connecting several other major industry verticals. The role of the warehouse and logistics business in effective distribution and timely delivery has become more challenging to manage especially because it is given to fulfil a huge demand in a short lead time and at the lowest possible cost. A right ERP software for warehouse and logistics industry can help businesses overcome the challenge. Once implemented, these systems strengthen the control over operations to make better business decisions and increases cooperation between clients, which prominently helps organizations increase efficiency and stay ahead of the competitors.

The advanced warehouse management systems are tailored to meet the unique requirements of every company. These paperless management systems with the support of integrated barcode and RFID readers can ideally turn warehouses into more logically structured storage locations where every product gets a defined position. They help in maximizing the utilization of storage space and resources while meeting customers’ expectations. Thus these solutions enable businesses to have a better control of inventory and make maintaining warehouse operations, starting from shipping and receiving to order fulfilment, much easy.

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