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A highly efficient and customizable human capital management software, Centra HCM not only helps in automating business processes but also enables users to better monitor and manage them.

This TAX compliant cloud human resource management software is designed by CentraHub, a sister concern of Focus Softnet and one of the best business management solutions vendors in Singapore and other Asia-Pacific region.

With the help of Centra HCM, users can revamp their organization’s structure by auto-populating their establishment and viewing respective departments in a multi-level format.

From hiring to retiring, the HR software automates and steers-up all HR processes functioning in an establishment. It includes features to define job grades, roles, responsibilities, and various other parameters to improve managing human resources.

The cloud HRIS system has garnered huge praises from top business organizations who continue to use it for its efficiency and ease of use. You can request a free demonstration of the solution to see its capabilities first-hand and understand the potential of its features.

Centra HCM system is a revolutionary tool designed to build a happier workplace. Automating the HRM processes reduces manual data entry tasks, makes each process faster while eliminating human errors.

It addresses challenges in managing hr payroll processing, talent acquisition, onboarding, attendance and e-leave system management, time tracking, appraisals, benefits calculation, and other crucial HR operations.

• 42 comprehensive modules to support all functions in the HR department
• Business Intelligence (BI) enabled human resource system
• Centralized and secured database
• Swift and on-demand information sharing
• Custom-built HR system to meet organizations’ requirements
• Single database to store all records of past and present employees
• Real-time and accurate information visibility
• Generate dynamic and timely reports to improve employee-related decisions
• Cloud HR solution allows employees and managers to access the system remotely and on any device
• Multi-level security to keep all employee information safe and secure
• Online human resources software integrated with ESS portal

With advanced features to track and manage employee data, Centra HCM helps organizations to get the right data exactly when it is needed. The intuitive and powerful system improves your workforce management and enhances the efficiency of your HR department.

• Provide access to real-time data always
• Integrated system combining all HR department data in one place
• Streamlined platform to improves data accuracy and accessibility
• Reduce administrative work for HR professionals

Centra HCM enables users to steer the whole recruitment process including aspects such as manpower planning, requisitions, candidate screening, filtering, sorting, ranking, and selection.

Users can onboard the new recruits with a user-definable process definition. They also get access to the detailed information of the recruits and manage them with efficiency throughout the employee lifecycle.

Payroll processing is made easy with Centra HCM solution. The payroll software uses attendance, shift management, and salary component data to automatically calculate payroll.

• Integrated biometric reader accurately tracks absences and time worked records of every employee
• Maintain up-to-date records of compensation benefits and deductions
• TAX-ready employee management system

Centra HCM is equipped with comprehensive and integrated modules with features that touch upon all aspects of Human Resources Management. All modules of the cloud payroll software solution are fully scalable, eliminating the need to change the platform as and when organization grows. .

Explore the capabilities of Centra HCM in detail here.

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hr payroll software

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hr payroll software

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hr payroll software

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