Centra CRM

Centra CRM

Centra CRM is an agile cloud-based customer relationship management software by CentraHub, a sister concern of Focus Softnet, a leading ERP vendor in 17 countries worldwide.

Centra CRM is one of the best cloud CRM software solutions that bring multiple functionalities to help users effectively convert leads to more revenue generating opportunities. The powerful engine automates tracking of phone calls, emails, report creation, and other sales and marketing activities into one system, which enables organizations to boost operations including sales lifecycle stages, authorizations, quotation management, calendar management, and many more. The intuitive UI of the software is smart enough to view every customer requirement, irrespective of scale or type of business.

The process automation brought by the powerful CRM software helps users gain a complete insight of sales and marketing operations which enables business owners to analyze, plan, develop and deploy sales, marketing, and service activities. Furthermore, it also eradicates inaccuracies borne out of human error. Advanced features in CRM software like campaign management, market segmentation, intelligent workflows, event tracking and more improve the overall productivity of the sales team.

The Centra CRM software is also equipped with planned-preventive-maintenance (PPM) and reactive or breakdown maintenance features that can help companies create and manage contracts, service requests, and schedules for assets under strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This ensures organizations effortlessly prevent their machinery and equipment malfunctions or failures and always keep them in top shape.

The easy to use design and all-encompassing features of Centra CRM is able to garner praise as top customer relationship management software in Australia from major business organizations. To know how it can help your business, you can request a free demo or consultation by filling the form.

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Centra CRM


  • Enables you to deliver an outstanding customer experience
  • Generates insight on customer behaviour for your sales team
  • Tracks effectiveness of activities and campaigns
  • Facilitates collaboration between team members
  • Comprehensive reports help you make informed decisions


  • Provides insights for developing a marketing campaign and evaluates effectiveness
  • Tracks prospects through lead generation, prioritization, distribution and follow-up processes
  • Automatically allocates calls at customer service centre
  • Provides sales forecast and trends reports


  • Efficient use of resources minimizing data entry
  • Anytime access and input date in real time
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