Focus eRMS

Focus eRMS

Focus Softnet provides the best ERP solution for restaurants in Australia, Focus e-RMS. The integrated point of sale software provides total control over operations in restaurants and hospitality enterprises. Whether a restaurant, cafe or a chain of diners, this POS software includes a set of tools that needed to increase profitability, customer satisfaction, and turnover of the business. It is available in both on-premise and cloud-based solution. 

A wide selection of tasks is performed by Focus e-RMS including flexibility to manage customers table booking, take orders using any device, and restaurant billing, which eliminates human error, increases productivity leading to faster service and better customer satisfaction. The intuitive user interface restaurant managers to oversee and control all operations of the kitchen and at the tables.

Focus e-RMS is equipped with a customizable dashboard that summarises important information to keep a check on issues in restaurants and investigated further if needed. It can be accessed through touch screens and keypad. Kitchen Display System (KOT) feature enables smooth recipe management and manager approvals, whereas other tools like table management and time tracking help to reduce waiting time for customers.

Restaurant business requires a superior inventory management. The cloud-based restaurant POS system, Focus e-RMS provide a modern solution that helps businesses optimize their stocks and simplify workflow to manage inventories in a cost-effective manner. The multiple level security in Focus e-RMS ensures POS access is kept private and secure always. The robust mechanism includes database and Windows authentication, role-based access, user definable password policies, enhanced network access facility and location level security with live remote access monitoring of every transaction to it easy for the managers to run operations with total oversight. 

Focus e-RMS is endowed with unique capabilities that can make it stand out as top restaurant management software. This all-in-one restaurant solution provides data integration, promotional packages, invoicing, discounting, flexible payment, electronic ordering, multiple currencies support, loyalty program, security, and much more. The hotel management software includes built-in features to obtain delivery feedback from customers, track delivery time, monitor gift voucher sales, manage schemes/promos and loyalty programs, enabling businesses to achieve customer satisfaction.

Focus e-RMS software features dynamic pricing structures, which allows users to set up different price based on time duration, location, promotional offer, discount, restaurant outlet, currencies, unit, and customer/vendor specific.

Managing table reservation is made easy with Focus e-RMS. The solution gives flexibility to customers to reserve their tables and enables restaurant businesses to accept or decline a customer's booking. From table allotment, transfer, movement or combination of tables to every other aspect of table management, this restaurant POS software includes all.

Focus e-RMS allows waiters to access the application on their mobile phones. They can use this device to take orders right at the table. These waiters’ POS systems are integrated with the main POS and hence the orders are immediately sent to the kitchen without any error. The restaurant POS can process orders in the blink of an eye and enables quicker billing and payment, leading to speed up in table turnover times. It also lets customers pay at the table, split bills, redeem loyalty points and add discounts on bills.

The dynamic report generating capabilities from live data in Focus e-RMS enables restaurant and hotel managers or owners take data-driven decisions faster. They can access the entire sales data including total bills generated, number of discounts offered, and much more of all outlets that are open and serving customers. The instant live-data also helps to eliminate the possibility of manipulating information and achieve control over internal thefts. Alongside, the restaurant management software is easy to use, making it a rock-solid reliable solution for the hospitality industry.

To learn how Focus e-RMS can help you run your restaurant or hotel better, share your detail here and opt for a free demonstration or consultation from our product expert.

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Focus eRMS


  • Multi lingual approach
  • Multi currencies and partial payment options
  • Calendar definition and counter scheduling
  • User friendly interface with both touch screen and keypad entry options
  • Allows combining multiple members points for points redemption


  • Assign role-based security to employees, i.e., approvals for discounts and credits can be made only with the id of a manager
  • Flexible payment and tendering option in the form of, cash, cheque, debit/credit card, gift vouchers and credit notes as well. It supports partial payment options also.
  • Enables you to generate, scan and print barcodes


  • Technology used: .Net GUI Scalability
  • WPF Forms is framework for building rich GUI applications
  • Event-driven execution model
  • Web-services support
  • Easy to deploy
  • High reliability and availability
  • High performance and scalability
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