Focus Softnet provides customized and integrated ERP software for the automotive industry with industry-specific features and options to automate operations on every level of business. These solutions function as reliable DMS ( distribution management systems) for businesses dealing in auto sales and can also be used by car renting establishments, workshops and garages.

Powered by robust BI engines and equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as in-memory computing, Focus Softnet’s automotive industry solutions are known for their quick deployment, ease of use and unparalleled customization. By deploying them, businesses can not only control each function of their business but also generate reports with integrated data from all departments for data-driven and timely decisions.

The automotive industry is known as one of the primary drivers of many international economies. It functions on a fast pace and is integrated with many other industries. To address the multi-faceted problems faced by it, the automotive industry requires well-equipped ERP applications that can integrate all departments on a single platform.

Focus Softnet’s automotive ERP software and CRM solutions help businesses maximize productivity and outrun competitors through their fast-acting tools. Users can improve the quality of their customer service by streamlining day to day operations, gathering and collating customer preference data to come up with measures to convert more leads into sales. Its robust DMS systems enable users to pay attention to important details such as timely alerts with regard to agreement terminations, renewals, due dates of delivery, automated inventory re-stocking and so on.

The framework of every automotive ERP software provided by Focus Softnet is strong enough to help businesses manage multiple auto business verticals even if they are spread across different locations geographically.

Focus Softnet has been providing industry-ready ERP solutions in 17 countries across the world. Its solutions are compliant with local tax regulations in the countries they are used in, and also help businesses ensure compliance with other corporate laws.

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Car sales and dealership management

Cloud based solutions with a comprehensive module for car sales and dealership management, including sales lifecycle stages, acquisition, tracking, supplying & estimation, inventory & quotation management, authorizations, calendars and activity trackers.

  • Leads and opportunity management
  • Test drive and vehicle selection
  • Finalization, invoicing and allocation
  • Pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and delivery

Garage Management

Easy-to-configure solutions for effective garage management, with features to monitor and control servicing, accidents & repairs, spare management & inventory, estimation & invoicing, and warranties & claims.

  • Servicing, accidents and repairs
  • Spare management and inventory
  • Estimation, invoicing and insurance
  • Warranties and claims   

Car Rental and Leasing Management

A specific module for Car rental and leasing management that comes with tools to manage rental reservations, long-term lease contracts, tools for check-out and billing and reliable tracking for agreement expiry dates and extensions. 

  • Rental and lease agreement
  • Check-out and billing
  • Termination and renewal
  • Violations and accidents

Automotive Solutions

Centra Auto

Centra Auto is a Cloud-based CRM specifically designed for businesses dealing in automobile sales, rentals and garage management. With its easy-to-use features, Centra Auto helps businesses in staying ahead of their competitors

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Focus 9

Focus 9 is the new leading edge ERP solution by Focus Softnet, a distinguished enterprise applications provider building revolutionary products to support today’s complex business requirements.

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