Focus Softnet offers leading-edge, fully equipped CRM and ERP software for distribution and wholesale businesses in Australia for business to strategically manage all operations functioning in their establishments, starting from purchasing to order fulfilment.

These modern distribution management software solutions enable organizations to run their entire business on a single platform. They include comprehensive modules to take care of shipping, billing, sourcing, pricing, sales order, and other operations. They also provide accurate and consistent real-time forecasts and track all the distribution network, thus empowering business to have an enhanced situational awareness needed to identify and address issues faced in a rapidly changing market.

Wholesale distribution businesses have a high scope for expansion and generate profit. However, growth brings along many complexities of managing industry-specific requirements. To remain competitive, businesses need to have a tight control over inventories, information, connection, and cash flow, which would help them improve traceability, reduce resource wastage, and thus lower operating costs. Major challenges faced by distribution companies include retailers demanding faster delivery, mismanagement of material handling, transportation cost fluctuation, inventory allocation, order picking, space utilisation, and other issues that emerge with changing customer demands. Having a tool that can anticipate challenges and overcome them, is the best way to position an organization success. In other words, an efficient distribution ERP software can help businesses simplify the operations and make their management them easier.

A right distribution software includes comprehensive tools needed to efficiently run all the operations of a distribution business providing service to a variety of industries. These include independent modules to plan, fulfil, assemble, ship and deliver goods as and when customers want. ERP software solutions for distribution connect the core business systems such as financial accounting, inventory, supply chain, CRM, and more to provide a seamless customer experience all the time. This helps users run a successful distribution business and stay ahead of competitors.

Focus Softnet provides a full stack of distribution ERP software in 17 countries across the world. Its solutions are known for their quick deployment, ease of use and comprehensive modules.

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Sales & Distribution

Accelerate business operations and increase profitability with a specifically customized ERP solution for Sales & Distribution. Align daily operations with goals, track orders and inventory and take decisions based on data.

  • Cloud based solutions
  • Real-time data with mobility
  • Equipped with BI tools
  • Easy to deploy and customize

Distribution Solutions

Centra CRM

Effectively convert your leads and opportunities into revenue-paying customers using powerful tools.

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Focus 9

Focus 9 is the new leading edge ERP solution by Focus Softnet, a distinguished enterprise applications provider building revolutionary products to support today’s complex business requirements.

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