Focus Softnet’s stack of education management software equip schools, colleges, universities and other institutes with the right tools to bring stability, transparency and administrative discipline at their establishments. They are equipped with powerful tools to help take care of day to day operations as well as other periodic operations.

The education management software provided by Focus Softnet are powered by robust BI tools and run on state-of-the-art technology such as in-memory computing. They can be completely customized to suit the requirements of any establishment and can integrate all departments as well as multi-location institutes on a single, easy to access platform.

Educational institutions are often measured up to a higher standard of efficiency as they spread knowledge. However, their differing functions, various levels of operations and many other challenges make it difficult for their management to organize their institute’s set-up and align all functions to their aims.

ERP software for education built by Focus Softnet address these problems through their comprehensive modules that are specially designed to cover the needs of schools, colleges and universities. The ERP software replace manual processes and with automated processes that could be tailored and relied upon for organizational discipline.

By deploying Focus Softnet’s ERP software, schools, colleges and universities can automate operations such as attendance, admission applications, fee payments etc. They can also set automated notifications and reminders for the payment of fee dues that could be send out to students and their parents. Furthermore, the solutions also provide a robust ESS platform where students and their parents can log in to check their ward’s performance and other details. This, along with many other tools help institutions in improving communication with students and their parents.

Focus Softnet is one of the most trusted providers of industry-specific ERP solutions in 17 countries across the world. Its solutions are compliant with local tax laws and help businesses in attaining compliance with various corporate regulations.

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A comprehensive solution to manage single and multi-branch schools, with powerful features to monitor all processes and access all kinds of data

  • Automated admissions
  • Integration of all branches
  • Automated notifications for fee payments
  • ESS for students, parents and teachers


A multi-capability ERP system specifically designed for colleges, with robust tools to manage to the fee through integrated online gateways. 

  • Criteria based ranking of applicants
  • Program and lecturer scheduler
  • Payment gateway integration
  • ESS for students, parents and lecturers


A complete solution that ensures the compliance of students and faculty with university rules of attendance, fee payment and more.

  • Total monitoring of all processes
  • Online admissions and fee payments
  • Integration of all departments
  • ESS for students, parents and lecturers

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Focus 9 is the new leading edge ERP solution by Focus Softnet, a distinguished enterprise applications provider building revolutionary products to support today’s complex business requirements.

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