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What Does Our CRM Software Do?

CentraHub CRM:
Simplify, Connect, Drive Customer Satisfaction

CentraHub CRM streamlines customer relationship management, gathering all interactions and data in a unified platform for effortless customization of customer engagement and operational management. Whether tracking leads, managing sales, providing support, or executing targeted marketing campaigns, this comprehensive solution enhances efficiency, fosters customer satisfaction, and promotes seamless business growth.

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Are you struggling to keep track of customer information across multiple platforms?

With CentraHub CRM, consolidate all your customer data into one centralized system. Imagine having instant access to detailed customer profiles, interactions, and purchase history—all at your fingertips.

Our CRM software automates the handling of fragmented communication channels and ensures that follow-ups with leads are consistent and personalized. By centralizing customer interactions and optimizing touchpoints, your teams can streamline their workflows. This automation not only enhances operational efficiency but also allows businesses to deliver more meaningful customer interactions, ultimately leading to higher satisfaction levels and improved relationships.

Improve customer management

Fragmented communication and inconsistent follow-ups can hinder your sales efforts. CentraHub CRM automates these processes seamlessly, ensuring every lead receives personalized nurturing and optimizing every customer touchpoint for success. Automation enhances efficiency, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks and enabling your team to prioritize meaningful interactions, driving customer satisfaction to new heights.

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Contract Management

From creation to negotiation, execution, and renewal, streamline processes to ensure compliance, minimize risk, and handle contracts throughout their lifecycle.

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Trading and Distribution

Optimize to improve inventory accuracy, fulfill orders promptly, and optimize distribution networks to meet customer demands efficiently and cost-effectively. 

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POS Module

Simplify retail operations, enable real-time sales tracking, facilitate seamless transactions, improve inventory management, and enhance customer interactions.

Is lack of visibility into your sales pipeline holding your business back?

CentraHub CRM empowers you with comprehensive insights into every stage of your sales funnel. Visualize and analyze your pipeline to pinpoint any bottlenecks that may hinder your sales process. Track the progress all the opportunities in real-time, enabling proactive adjustments and optimizations. With precise sales forecasts based on historical data and current trends, you can confidently make data-driven decisions to accelerate revenue growth and surpass your business targets. 

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Modules Simplifying Your Everyday Work



Customer Service
and Support



Analytics and

Quote and Proposal

Customer Data

Features That Make Business Management Easier

CRM SolutionsCampaigns
CRM SolutionsLeads
CRM SolutionsWeb leads
CRM SolutionsTele-leads
CRM SolutionsSocial Media
CRM SolutionsLeads Assignments
CRM SolutionsFollow up activities
CRM SolutionsEmail To Leads
CRM Solutionsweb leads
CRM SolutionsConvert to Opportunity
CRM SolutionsAccounts
CRM SolutionsContacts
CRM SolutionsProducts
CRM SolutionsCurrency Exchange
CRM SolutionsPrice books
CRM SolutionsSales Pipeline
CRM SolutionsOpportunities
CRM SolutionsActivates
CRM SolutionsNotes
CRM SolutionsGPS tracking
CRM SolutionsDocuments
CRM SolutionsEmails
CRM SolutionsStage History
CRM SolutionsEstimation / Configure
CRM SolutionsSales Orders
CRM SolutionsDelivery Notes
CRM SolutionsInvoice
CRM SolutionsReceipt
CRM SolutionsCustomer Survey
CRM SolutionsSLAs
CRM SolutionsQueue
CRM SolutionsPriorities
CRM SolutionsIncidents
CRM SolutionsIssues
CRM SolutionsStandard time
CRM SolutionsCustomer Asset
CRM SolutionsContract (AMC/PPM)
CRM SolutionsRequest Management
CRM SolutionsService Quote
CRM SolutionsService Order
CRM SolutionsRequests
CRM SolutionsWorklogs
CRM SolutionsRequest Close
CRM SolutionsSpare Parts Request
CRM SolutionsSpare Parts Replaced
CRM SolutionsCustomer Feedback
CRM SolutionsCustomer Self Service
CRM SolutionsInvoices
CRM SolutionsReceipts
Service Contracts
CRM SolutionsCreate contracts
CRM SolutionsTrack renewals
CRM SolutionsWorkflow - Automation
CRM SolutionsApprovals With
CRM SolutionsEscalations
CRM SolutionsDocument Designers
CRM SolutionsEmail & SMS Templates
CRM SolutionsPage Layout
CRM SolutionsReport Designer
CRM SolutionsBusiness Card Layout
CRM SolutionsKanban View
CRM SolutionsCascading Picklist
CRM SolutionsCalendar Sharing
CRM SolutionsMy Online Calendar
CRM SolutionsWeb Actions
CRM SolutionsBooking Snap View

Boost productivity and improve insight

CentraHub CRM streamlines and automates tedious administrative tasks that consume valuable time and resources. By automating data entry, scheduling, and follow-ups, our CRM enables your team to allocate their energy toward preparing for strategic initiatives that drive growth and innovation. With robust reporting capabilities, CentraHub CRM provides deep insights into customer trends, sales performance, and campaign effectiveness.  

Trusted By Thousands Of Companies Across The World

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Ready to transform your business?

Experience the power of CentraHub CRM to streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and accelerate your business growth. Schedule a demo today and discover how the system is going to transform your customer relationship management for the better.

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What Makes CentraHub CRM the Best Solution?

CentraHub CRM enables you to streamline your sales processes, automate marketing campaigns, and enhance customer service with ease.

Centra CRM

Made to fit any industry

From creation to negotiation, execution, and renewal, streamline processes to ensure compliance and minimize risk, and handle contracts throughout their lifecycle.

Centra CRM

Keep your business data safe

We prioritize your security with strong measures to keep your valuable information confidential and protected from threats and breaches. 

Centra CRM

Take control of your marketing, sales, and services

Whether you're planning campaigns, managing sales pipelines, or improving customer service, our CRM software provides the tools to boost efficiency.

Centra CRM

Automate every step of your workflows.

Streamline your entire workflow with automation so all your tasks get done smoothly from start to finish, with less manual effort.

Centra CRM

Keep tabs on things that are happening now

Get real-time updates on sales, marketing, and services departments so that you can monitor activities, track performance, and address issues instantly.

Centra CRM

See your ROI sooner

With faster, data-driven strategies and improved productivity, CRM software accelerates your path to achieving a return on your investment.

Which Industries Can Benefit From CentraHub CRM?

Integrations to Elevate Your Daily Operations

Our business management solutions seamlessly integrate with popular 3rd party applications to make your work easier.

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