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What Does Manufacturing ERP Software Do?

Focus MRP:
Enable Better Production Management

Focus MRP is designed to make manufacturing easier and more efficient. The manufacturing resource planning software helps you plan and manage your production materials, inventory, and schedules smoothly. With it, you can forecast demand accurately, buy materials at the right time, and schedule production effectively. It connects with other systems and uses real-time data to cut costs, speed up production, and boost productivity. Whether you're handling complex manufacturing processes or just trying to keep inventory organized, that system is embedded with tools and technologies to make your business more successful.

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Ever find your production processes bogged down by inefficiencies or delays?

Focus MRP optimizes every step of your manufacturing operation, from initial design to final delivery.

Focus MRP streamlines complex workflows like bill of materials (BOM) management, capacity planning, and inventory control to ensure smoother operations and reduced costs. You can also leverage real-time analytics to make informed decisions, minimize cycle time, and implement lean manufacturing practices effectively.

Enable quality control

Confront your quality management challenges with Focus MRP. The system provides comprehensive solutions across the board, ensuring your manufacturing processes adhere strictly to total quality management standards. With robust quality control features that meticulously verify every product against stringent criteria before reaching customers, Focus MRP guarantees high standards. By employing advanced methodologies for continuous process improvement, the system drives efficiency gains throughout your organization.

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Supply Chain Management

Integrate to streamline your processes from supplier relationships to customer deliveries, facilitating smooth coordination and reducing lead times.

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Financial Accounting Management

Automate accounting, budgeting, reporting, and compliance processes to eradicate manual data entry and calculations required to track income, expenses, and other business activities.

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Quality Control Management

Implement comprehensive quality assurance measures to ensure product quality through rigorous inspections and testing protocols that verify adherence to specifications and standards. 

Does your inventory match your production goal?

Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory management capabilities enhance operational efficiency by minimizing excess inventory, optimizing machine utilization, and ensuring resources are used effectively to meet production demands. This integrated approach not only streamlines workflows but also enhances overall productivity, enabling your business to deliver high-quality products consistently and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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Modules Simplifying Your Everyday Work

Production Planning
and Scheduling


Bill of

Material Requirements

Shop Floor





Supply Chain

Product Lifecycle

Reporting and



Features That Make Business Management Easier

Production Planning & Scheduling
CRM SolutionsMaster Production Schedule
CRM SolutionsBOM
CRM SolutionsFinite Scheduling
CRM SolutionsCapacity Planning
CRM SolutionsMRP
CRM SolutionsInventory Control
CRM SolutionsJust-in-Time (JIT) Inventory
Shop Floor Management
CRM SolutionsProduction Tracking & Monitoring
CRM SolutionsQuality Control
CRM SolutionsMachine Maintenance
CRM SolutionsCost Management
CRM SolutionsSupply Chain
CRM SolutionsReporting & Analytics
CRM SolutionsDemand Forecasting
CRM SolutionsVendor Management

Optimize production workflows

When traditional production methods slowing down your manufacturing operations, switching to Focus MRP makes a difference. The system offers a comprehensive approach to optimizing manufacturing workflows from start to finish. With features like detailed production planning and efficient batch production management, businesses can meticulously schedule and execute production tasks to meet demand while minimizing waste and maximizing resource utilization.

Trusted By Thousands Of Companies Across The World

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Ready to elevate your manufacturing operations to new heights?

Get in touch with us today to arrange a tailored demonstration. Experience firsthand how Focus MRP revolutionizes your manufacturing processes, driving efficiency, enhancing productivity, and paving the way for unparalleled success in your industry.

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What Makes Focus MRP the Best Solution?

Focus MRP empowers your business with detailed production planning, efficient batch management, and precise scheduling capabilities.

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A cloud-based production control system

Focus MRP on cloud gives real-time access to production data from anywhere, making managing the manufacturing process easier.

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Plan and schedule every process efficiently

Track things well to boost productivity and ensure production is always in line with the current market demand.

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Support multiple methodologies

Streamline workflows, make the most of your resources, and keep quality consistent, no matter which method you prefer.

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Streamlined order management & procurement

Get raw materials for production on time and at the right price, which helps save money and keeps your inventory in check.

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Accurate reports for faster decisions

From sales numbers to production insights and more, reports break it all down, helping you spot and fix issues and plan ahead effectively.

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Real-time insights from every department

Always stay in the loop to quickly adjust schedules, allocate resources smarter, and stay on top of everything happening on the floor.

Which Industries Can Benefit From Focus MRP?

Integrations to Elevate Your Daily Operations

Our business management solutions seamlessly integrate with popular 3rd party applications to make your work easier.

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