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What Does Our Real Estate Management Software Do?

CentraHub REMS:
Boost Property Sales and Leasing Instantly

CentraHub REMS is a versatile real estate management software engineered to optimize and elevate operations throughout the industry. It serves as a unified solution catering to property developers, agents, managers, and investors, facilitating efficient management of properties, listings, leases, and tenant relationships. Whether you seek to streamline property tasks, monitor finances, or enhance tenant satisfaction, CentraHub REMS stands as the ideal choice for achieving operational excellence in real estate management.

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Are you facing challenges in managing tenant relations and property maintenance effectively?

Let CentraHub REMS simplify your tenant communication, track maintenance requests, and ensure timely property upkeep to enhance tenant satisfaction.

Navigating the complexities of lease agreements, rent collection, and compliance with industry standards is difficult, but CentraHub REMS simplifies them. This comprehensive platform includes advanced features for lease tracking, automated rent collection, and detailed financial reporting. By leveraging these capabilities, you can effectively monitor lease terms, automate rent payments, streamline invoicing processes, and ensure timely financial transactions. This not only optimizes operational efficiency but also enhances cash flow management, ensuring your real estate operations run smoothly and compliantly.

Optimize vacancy management

Empty rental properties can significantly impact real estate profitability. CentraHub REMS provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline vacancy management processes. From effectively marketing vacancies and screening prospective tenants to seamlessly managing move-ins, the system empowers property managers to minimize vacancy periods and enhance rental income. By harnessing advanced analytics, CentraHub REMS enables you to adopt strategies to attract and retain tenants more effectively, ensuring that your properties remain occupied and profitable.

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Contract Management

Meticulous contract management ensures compliance with legal obligations, adherence to construction project timelines, and clarity with agreement terms.

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Project Management

Effective project management ensures seamless coordination among stakeholders, adherence to timelines and budgets, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Fixed Assets Management

Fixed assets management practices and tools allow you to maximize asset value and minimize downtime, contributing to overall operational efficiency and financial health. 

Navigating complex regulatory requirements and mitigating risks such as liability and insurance issues?

CentraHub REMS plays a crucial role in keeping your real estate operations compliant with ever-evolving regulations. By leveraging its capabilities, you can proactively stay informed about regulatory changes that impact your business. The software facilitates secure document management, ensuring that critical paperwork such as lease agreements, tenant records, and compliance documentation are stored safely and accessible when needed.

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Modules Simplifying Your Everyday Work


Client Relationship


Marketing and

Analytics and








Features That Make Business Management Easier

Property Definition
CRM SolutionsVenture
CRM SolutionsProperty
CRM SolutionsBlocks
CRM SolutionsFloors
CRM SolutionsUnits
CRM SolutionsCampaigns
CRM SolutionsLeads
CRM SolutionsWeb leads
CRM SolutionsSocial Media
CRM SolutionsConvert to Opportunities
CRM SolutionsoDefine and manage Sales
CRM SolutionsLifecycle for an opportunity
CRM SolutionsOpportunity
CRM SolutionsoProperty Showing
CRM SolutionsProperty Finalization
CRM SolutionsUnit Reservation
CRM SolutionsoReservation Cancellation
CRM SolutionsBookings
CRM SolutionsoMilestone Stages
CRM SolutionsoInstalments
CRM SolutionsoAgent Commissions
CRM SolutionsInvoice
CRM SolutionsReceipt
CRM SolutionsHandover
CRM SolutionsLeasing lifecycle
CRM SolutionsOpportunity
CRM SolutionsProperty Showing
CRM SolutionsProperty Finalization
CRM SolutionsUnit Reservation
CRM SolutionsReservation Cancellation
CRM SolutionsLease Contract
CRM SolutionsLease Invoice
CRM SolutionsPost Dated Cheques
CRM SolutionsManagement
CRM SolutionsReceipts
CRM SolutionsLease Contract Termination
CRM SolutionsLegal Case
CRM SolutionsRenewal
CRM SolutionsWorkflow - Automation
CRM SolutionsApprovals With
CRM SolutionsEscalations
CRM SolutionsDocument Designers
CRM SolutionsEmail & SMS Templates
CRM SolutionsPage Layout
CRM SolutionsReport Designer
CRM SolutionsBusiness Card Layout
CRM SolutionsKanban View
CRM SolutionsCascading Picklist
CRM SolutionsCalendar Sharing
CRM SolutionsMy Online Calendar
CRM SolutionsWeb Actions

Tenant relationship management

The better the experience your tenants have, the stronger your relationships with them will be. CentraHub REMS takes customer service to the next level with its integrated CRM capabilities. It enables personalized communication tailored to tenant preferences, proactive resolution of issues before they escalate, and timely responses to inquiries. This ensures strong tenant relationships built on responsive service and efficient communication, ultimately fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Trusted By Thousands Of Companies Across The World

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Ready to elevate your real estate management?

Take control of your real estate operations with CentraHub REMS and experience unparalleled efficiency, enhanced tenant satisfaction, and optimized profitability. Schedule a personalized demo today to see how the solution can transform your real estate management processes!

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What Makes CentraHub REMS the Best Solution?

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Keep your team in the loop, wherever you are

Stay connected and informed with seamless communication and real-time updates no matter where you are in the real estate sales, leasing, or construction management business.

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Centralized document manager

It is your centralized repository for all critical documents, including contracts, agreements, permits, and project plans to facilitate transparency throughout the project lifecycle. 

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Easy invoices and bills

Generate invoices, track payments, and manage bills, helping you streamline operations and maintain strong financial health throughout your projects.

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Establish strong connections with buyers and tenants 

By building meaningful relationships, real estate professionals can effectively guide clients through the buying or leasing process, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty.

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All-inclusive site visit and day planner

Meticulously planned and organized every detail of site inspections and daily tasks to ensure smooth operations in managing construction milestones and property showings. 

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Intuitive dashboard that suits your needs

Monitor sales performance, track lease agreements, oversee construction projects, manage properties, close deals, and a lot more on a single intuitive dashboard.

Which Industries Can Benefit From CentraHub REMS?

Integrations to Elevate Your Daily Operations

Our business management solutions seamlessly integrate with popular 3rd party applications to make your work easier.

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