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Centra Auto is an easy-to-use automotive software for automobile dealers managing vehicle sales, rentals, garages, and workshops businesses.

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This industry-ready, GST enabled CRM software is provided by Centra Hub, a sister concern of Focus Softnet and one of the most reliable and trusted CRM vendors providing solutions for SME businesses.

As a specifically designed CRM system for the automotive industry, the application includes powerful features to manage all aspects in establishments that deal in automobile sales, leasing, and maintenance.

The dedicated modules of Centra Auto eliminate the hassles of automobile businesses of all sizes. The software automates and streamlines all the operations in garages and workshops to make them easy and error-free.

To witness its capabilities of Centra Auto in first-hand and to discuss how it helps to remove your business challenges, you can opt for a free consultation by filling the form.

Best ERP Solution

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The cloud-based dealer management software aids business owners in acquiring and tracking leads to convert them faster. It also ensures that inventory is stocked as per the requirements.

The automotive sales CRM with integrated task management feature caters to end-to-end customer data tacking, starting from test drive (that includes logging and tracking) to finalization of a vehicle, negotiation to delivery. The system helps users manage quotation and multiple payment terms along with authorizations, calendars, and activity trackers.

Centra Auto improves workflows in garages and automobile workshops.

Once vehicles are given for servicing, the system takes care of all minute details including estimation and quotation of the services, client and customer approvals, contacts, job card initiation, work logs, and spare parts consumption and most importantly, management of warranties, claims, and insurance.

• Automates booking based on slot availability

• Manages job requests, estimations, periodic service maintenance (PPM) and service contracts

• Optimizes inventory, manages requisition and replacement of parts, JIT and parts procurement

• Generates invoices, receipts, gate pass and other aspects of vehicle delivery after servicing

Centra Auto is a complete web CRM software for the automotive industry. It is apt for enterprise, midsize, and small car rentals and leasing businesses.

It includes comprehensive features to manage rental reservations, contracts, terminations, agreement extensions and expiry tracking, renewals, violations, and toll logs. It can be integrated with an existing ERP to manage cash and credit transactions.

With its reliable features and automated approach, the automotive software ensures ROI in a very short period of time. Its user-friendly dashboards help in reducing the time and resources spent in understanding the set-up of the system.

Centra Auto comply with tax-regulations in all countries where they are being used. In India, it’s an accredited GST-ready CRM application.

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