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Centra REMS is an all-encompassing real estate management system for holistic property dealings. It has three comprehensive modules that guarantee a 360-degree view of all assets, leads, and opportunities.

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The PMS (property management software) is adept in maintaining accurate records of buyers and tenants while also making them easily accessible to the owners. It is designed by CentraHub, the top global real estate management software vendor.

Centra REMS is the best real estate CRM software with features that encompass every business aspect and have the potential to give you ROI in a very short period of time.

With its help, owners can manage accounts, contacts, campaigns, leads, quotations, sales orders invoicing, lease contracts   invoicing, sales life cycle, and other aspects of real estate operations.

Centra REMS software makes the managing of possession   snag-list, property units, property transfers   cancellation, booking   registration calendar, tasks, and appointments much easy.

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Centra REMS software is the best industry-ready CRM solution with a broad range of advanced features. It helps to maintain houses, commercial buildings, and other lease and rental property.

This property management software can track and manages leads, opportunities, site visits, brokers, brokerage costs, proposals, validities, confirmations, availability of real estate stock, and current status of each sale in the finalization or legalization phase.

• Provides complete operational visibility over sales funnel, revenue, asset availability and other key metrics

• Ensures smooth distribution of Real Estate Assets and easy legalization of documentation

• Includes extensive integration capabilities

• Easy publication of asset inventory on popular real estate portals and platforms to attract traffic and generate leads faster

Centra Owners' Association Management System is web-based community management and invoicing portal that facilitates the management of community events, calendars, facilities, and activities, with online logins for owners, tenants, and community managers.

Real Estate Management Software has dedicated tools for:

• Budget management - helps in budget planning and submitting it to RERA for approval.

• Collection process management – includes inbuilt alert systems that check the contract expiration and payment due dates and display this alert on the portal for the tenant as well as the owner.

• Occupant management - allows owners to have a comprehensive layout and the map of the houses and buildings stored in the system.

A powerful tool to manage automated Planned-Preventive-Maintenance (PPM), the solution has features such as billing and inventory management through billing information can be captured based on factors like warranties, services, type of product, their quantities and parts replacements. Other important features include request resolution & closure and request management.

Our Real Estate Management Software comply with tax-regulations in all countries where they are being used. In India, it’s an accredited GST ready applications.

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