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Using Smartphone or Tablet user can log into WMS app and process several requests and other internal operation of ware house.

This app allows the user to process and confirm both assigned and un assigned requests of Inwards and outwards ware house operations from respective menus.

User can perform the internal operation of ware house such as cartonization, stock movement, stock enquiry, Inventory status change, printing of skid labels, Any work etc. under miscellaneous section of WMS app.

User can scan a Bin value to find the list of requests raised and further process from ‘Any work’ screen, which gives the hustle free ware house operations.

All the requests and operations conducted through the app posts respective vouchers internally in Focus8. All the operations of WMS app are handled by preferences selected at Focus 8. The App can have multiple restrictions based on the user, and their respective roles

Key Features

  • Secure Login access  for various Ware house roles
  • Auto assigning of requests
  • Inventory status allocation by stock while receiving stock
  • Auto raise of RTS based on Allocation strategy
  • Internal stock movement by Bin, Skid & Product
  • Auto generation of picklist based on pick strategy
  • Group pick of picklists for pick confirmation process
  • Short Pick
  • Alternate pick of stock while picklist confirmation process
  • Stock Reconciliation
  • Inventory status change
  • Cartonization
  • Dispatch process
  • Stock Enquiry
  • Stock counting
  • Printing & reprint of skid labels
  • Any work

Settings Screen

This screen allows user to configure the system and other details for connecting the WMS app to the Focus 8 Application


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