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Focus i is an advanced accounting software with full-fledged ERP modules on Cloud. It’s provided by Focus Softnet, an accredited ERP software vendor in India.

ERP Accounting software

Focus i functions as a comprehensive and integrated GST billing and accounting software with all-inclusive modules for warehousing, manufacturing, supply chain and human resource management. It is equipped with a robust Business Intelligence tool that presents timely reports with accurate data. The reports present actionable information to the users, eliminating presumptions and empowering them to monitor key metrics with ease.

Advanced Accounting Software

This accounting and billing software is an ideal solution for finance management. Apart from its ability to automate the filing of GST returns, the module has comprehensive features for core financial management, expenses and analytics, and works as a user-driven accounting software that simplifies accounting.

Focus I’s capabilities as the best GST accounting software empower business to integrate all departments with the financial module with all other departments, ensuring that every financial transaction is recorded without accuracy and without duplication. As an online accounting software, it allows users to access the system from any device, from any location.

Sales Management

With unmatched capabilities as sales ERP software, Focus delivers powerfully integrated sales features and helps users in putting all resources to work while synchronizing the sales operations with the supply. Users can manage and track credit sales, cash or retail sales and monitor vertical specific sales processes along with promotions and schemes.

An ultimate ERP solution for Manufacturing, Warehousing and supply chain establishments

With its comprehensive modules for Manufacturing, Warehousing and Supply Chain establishments, Focus i has garnered much attention and functions as a full-fledged stock management software with integrated features to manage different aspects of manufacturing and supply chain.

The Manufacturing module enables users to make detailed batch wise analysis, standard cost versus actual consumption analysis, man, machine & material analysis, production planning and scheduling (based on orders or forecast) among many other capabilities. Similarly, the warehouse management module covers all major aspects of managing storage facilities and logistical operations.

The solution also features a robust module for procurement which assists users in automating the procurement processes and saving costs. With Focus i’s procurement module, users can streamline sourcing and contract management and can proactively ensure compliance. Functioning as a powerful GST accounting and invoicing software, it allows users to fine-tune invoices and automatically extract data, eliminating the possibility of duplications and data entry errors. Users can also manage consignment purchases, material returns & rejections, pricing and master data. The solution also enables users to make supplier quotation comparative analysis, track shipment notifications and a procurement flow which users themselves can define.

This ERP solution has also emerged as effective ERP software for supply chain management, assisting manufacturing units through its proficient module for purchase and inventory management. It also aids users in managing standard vertical specific processes, inventory utilities and bin management.

With Focus i’s Inventory Management module, businesses can ensure that their inventory investment is based on customer service goals rather than mere estimations. The solution helps users in improving their demand-planning to ensure that they don’t have to face out-of-stock situations.

The module includes tools to manage inventory reservations, tracking & transfers, batches, expiry dates and product profiling through serialized inventory controls.

Focus i’s Quality Control module equips manufacturers and business owners to convert product designs into production realities. It is armed with critical functions such as rule definition for testing, quantity breakups for sampling, test approvals and test definitions which can be defined by users. The solution also has dedicated modules for fixed assets management and retail management.

All these modules are integrated with the financial management module in such a way that the accounting records are centralized to avoid duplication. The automation of accounting features also saves time as the same record or account can be accessed in any module without the need of feeding the data again.

Human Resource Management

The Human Capital Management module of Focus i is a powerful tool that can transform the human resource of any organization into a strategic force. The module allows business owners to align the human resource processes to their business goals. With comprehensive features to streamline recruitment management and automate payroll, Focus i enables organizations to centralize employee data at a single platform, track all activities and provide them with a HR-free ESS.

Although Focus i has been known for its comprehensive modules since its launch, it has emerged as the best GST billing software for business of all sizes.

The robust nature of Focus i allows it to adapt to any organization’s size and depth while blending in with its hierarchy and structure.

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General Ledger

Cash Management 

Accounts Receivable and Delinquency Management 

Accounts Payable

Financial Planning and Budgeting

Barcodes, pallet IDs, batch numbers and expiry dates can be maintained. inventory can be tracked by aisle, by location, by rack at the bin level

Perpetual count, cyclic count, physical stock reconciliation and stock adjustments and transfer of ownership

Ease of access to inventory at the bin level with tracking of batch numbers and expiry dates, easier physical stock count with an option to upload the txt. files for reconciliation


Human Resource


Fixed Assets & Depreciation

Asset Transfer

Asset Revaluation & Repair

Asset Disposal & Retirement

Production Planning


Quality Control

Lead Time Analysis

Quotation Analysis

Supplier Contract Management

Material Requirement for Planned Orders and Forecast

Planning for dependent and Independent Requirements


Analyze (Slice "n" Dice)

KPI Definition

Report Writer

User defined procurement flow

User Defined Sales Flow


project status report

project wise profit

materials shortfall report

materials management

Top Benefits

erp software business benifits
Business Benefits

Business Benefits

• Analyze business growth with the built-in business intelligence tools
• Combine multiple reports from different modules
• Get quick view of your business even on the move on the executive dashboard
• Improve responsiveness to activities that impact your business
• Reporting capabilities eliminate the need for a separate reporting tool

erp software functional benifits
Functional Benefits

Functional Benefits

• Accessibility of dashboard on mobile device
• Integrated Business Intelligence
• Alerts - customized as per user’s requirements
• Dashboard interface for each user
• Key Performance Indicator (KPI) definition

erp software technical benifits

Technical Benefits

Technical Benefits

• Available on MS-SQL
• n Tier Architecture allows online remote access and supports Load balancing• The Focus on web (FOW) client interface works on Unix/Linux platform
• Mobile dashboard on iOS and Android devices• Active X Application Programming Interface (API) allows external integration
• The technical manual provided with Focus i has complete data dictionary.


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