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Focus POS is a GST ready cloud-based point of sale software from Focus Softnet, a renowned provider of cloud business solutions in India.

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Whether it is a Supermarket, Multi-brand outlet, lifestyle stores, Hypermarket, Fast food or Boutique store; Focus POS is the best POS system for any retail business.

Retail establishments often face multiple challenges in store optimization and integration due to the lack of efficient retail management software that are scalable, easy to use and quick to deploy.

Focus POS is a one-stop scalable and customizable POS software that helps retail, hotel, and restaurant businesses to automate and manage all operations.

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Focus POS has 9 comprehensive modules to manage sales, pre-orders, reservations, home deliveries, purchase orders, inventory transfers, customer tracking, discounts schemes, promos and loyalty programs, data synchronization, security, and all other aspects of a retail business.

• Customizable modules and dashboard
• User definable notifications set-ups
• RFID integrated system

Focus POS is equipped with numerous capabilities which make it stand out as the best cloud point of sale software to control retail store operations.

• User-friendly interface
• Both touchscreen and keypad control
• Flexible payment options with multiple currencies support
• Integrated inventory software to automate and manage stock transfers and reconciliation, identify reordering need, etc.
• Generates powerful reports through the in-built advanced report designer
• Real-time data synchronization
• Centralized database facilitates managing remote stores from a single platform
• Supports multiple languages and multiple currencies for all stores it’s used in

Focus POS has strong and effective multi-level security mechanism. It is user-friendly as well to ensure that no operations are hindered.

• Database and windows authentication
• Role-based user verification
• User definable password policies
• Domain user login
• Configurable manager approval system

Focus POS software is a capable cashier system that covers the pricing aspect for all products in a retail store.

• Supports multiple pricing
• GST compliant invoicing and billing software
• Quick configurable to various modes of payments


Customizable Info panels for Masters and Transactions

User definable notifications and Alerts

RSS feeds

KPI based dashboard

Walk- in sales

Phone orders

Pre orders (Planned orders for parties and celebrations)

Home Delivery option

Payment on delivery

Future orders for parties and celebrations

User configurable schemes and discounts for pre-orders

Collection of order at different outlet

Allows Payments at Multiple outlets

Allows cancellation of orders

Configurable member module

Point definition by member type

Discounts for Members

Know your customer

User definable kitting of products

Price definition for kitting

Assignment of barcode for kits

Schemes on kits

Discounts by time /Day

Discounts on items/ Bill value

Discount for employees

Discounts on payment modes (discount on credit /Debit cards)

User definable discount limits by employee category

Option to combine and un-combine multiple schemes

Schemes on Bill/ Item / Cumulative Bill

Discounts on Products

Option to fix rate on certain products

Point definition by member type

Discounts for members

Redeem points for Bill payment/ Credit note /Gift voucher

Discounts/ Gift vouchers for members

Multiple Security levels

Domain user mapping, Accounts/Products/Tags restrictions, field level rights for the users

Auto indenting based on Reorder level/Sales quantity

Track inventory at other outlets

Request for stock transfer from different outlet

Suggest Substitute items in case of low inventory Related items

MRP Software
MRP Software
MRP Software
MRP Software

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