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Focus Softnet has designed dynamic automotive ERP software solutions that can enhance the operational efficiency of the business and enable them to stay several steps ahead of the competitors. These advanced features enabled suites are designed with state-of-the-art technology to empower business to grow.

As BI enabled solutions, these provide valuable real-time business insights on various aspects, which helps organizations reduce costs, boost customer satisfaction, increase profits, and much more needed to achieve a better competitive advantage. The intuitive and customizable UI helps these solutions incorporate easily in businesses of all scale, thereby linking everything in the establishment. Also, by being able to measure the progress, companies can make the necessary changes to overcome the challenges and bring accurately optimized results.

Automotive ERP System

The automotive industry is considered one of the driving force behind the rapid rise of economies around the world. It involves a wide variant of operations including automobile sales, leasing and maintenance, which only a prominent, multi-tasking business solutions can manage seamlessly.

Automotive dealers face an ever-growing complexity of the highly competitive market today. With the increasing number of products and ever-changing customer demands and preferences due to various reasons makes converting prospects into sales difficult in absence of an integrated management system. An automated system empowers business to manage processes better.

The CRM and ERP software for automotive industry help companies to automate all the business processes, allowing owners and managers to plan and manage them seamlessly. Thus empowering business owners and managers to focus on vital areas related to automotive sales, lease, and maintenance in order to support in expanding the dimensions of business performance and satisfy customers to keep the business on track and boosts the productivity.

These scalable, flexible, and customizable systems provide automobile companies with extensive and user-friendly modules that are tested to perform all business processes unerringly. These are capable to encompass the whole business cycle functioning within the organization including sales, CRM, vehicle maintenance, workshop management, lease agreement, finance and accounting, human resource, and more. With the help of these, users can ensure that their business remains strong in providing high-quality customer service, superior inventory planning, better delivery management, successful marketing campaign design, maximize labour efficiency, and much more.

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