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Focus Softnet offers ERP software for distribution businesses that can automate all the processes and streamline all information on a single platform. These modern distribution management solutions include tools to manage sourcing, pricing, sales order, shipping, billing and other operations. The solutions also provide accurate and real-time information, needed to identify and address issues faster.

These distribution management solutions provide a unified platform to analyse, plan, source, stock, sell, and recover. They integrate the workflow to manage customers, workforce, suppliers, and other processes functioning within the business, delivering superior and more meaningful customer experiences. Thus, it improves the way a distribution business works with its customers and suppliers.

Wholesale & Distribution Management

Wholesale distributors can profit and expand their market share by fundamentally changing business to meet the unslaked customer demand for new products. This expansion brings along complexity of managing diverse product inventories, information, connection, and cash flow. Keeping all these under tight control remains the key to build a foundation for future growth. Major challenges faced by distribution companies include mismanagement of material handling, inventory, order picking, and space utilisation. Distribution businesses of any sizes deal with these challenges along with issues that shaped with rapidly changing customer demands and fluctuations in the supply chain. An efficient distribution ERP software can simplify these business operations and make them easier to manage.


The dynamic distribution software systems can optimize inventory, reduce labour cost, improve customer service, and prompt better management of other function within the establishment. This speeds up the operations and makes them more efficient. From purchasing to sales, human resource to financials, the solutions provide a superior insight into all the aspects, irrespective of the number of channels distribution company is operating. Business can fulfil more orders per salesman and save more money per customer. The superior inventory accuracy and better demand planning results in more sales and increase in revenue. These customizable solutions are not only easy to deploy; they are specifically tailored to accommodate unique features which help businesses to achieve operational excellence.

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