Service Establishments

Service Establishments

Focus Softnet designs ERP solutions for service establishment with extensive modules that combine project management, communication, resource management, and more, tailored to fit organizations’ needs in reducing business costs and increasing customer satisfaction. The advanced features included in these solutions redefine and streamline business processes to support the aggressive service industry environment.

These tested and proven solutions help organizations gain accurate insights of business operations in real time, enabling management to proactively analyze business performance across the service organization and take the right decisions to boost revenue and bring operational excellence. With the ready-to-go capabilities, these solutions are an apt choice for a wide range of service organizations, including accountants, consultancies, law firms, engineering and construction businesses, architecture practices, real estate companies, and more.

Service-oriented business, regardless of its size, flourish only if decisions are taken based on timely data. Whether it is specialized in complex, long-term projects or simple, short-term ones, only customer satisfaction can drive profitability to them.

With the ERP and CRM solutions, service establishments can modernize their workplace, effectively manage distributed talent pool, provide efficient client service, and more at a low spending. Also, since these integrated systems provide a powerful 360-degree of every activity and projects of a service-oriented company to help them tackle customer relations and productivity issues simultaneously.

These comprehensive business solutions for service-centric establishments enables organizations to resource business and manage complete service delivery. The solutions have capability to integrate financials, project expense management, service automation, customer management, time tracking, and more features that businesses demand from efficient professional services automation software.

The rich functionality of these service establishment solutions is the key to successful service delivery including staffing, contact management, client billing, revenue recognition, service notification, profitability analysis, and more. These solutions can help businesses control projects, tasks, and resource engagements more effectively. Being agile in nature, these embedded business process management systems provide flexibility as it evolves.

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