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A completely customizable human capital management application, Centra HCM not only helps in automating processes but also enables users in tracking operations.

HR Management Software

HCM Software

It is provided by Centra Hub, a sister concern of Focus Softnet and the top HCM software provider and complies with the GST regulations in India.

Users can revamp their organization’s structure by auto-populating their establishment and viewing respective departments in a multi-level format.

They can also define job grades, roles, and responsibilities on various parameters including its effect on the CTC.

From hiring to retiring, Centra HCM captures every minutest information about the employees and manages them with efficiency. The integrated ESS portal eases out multi-level approval process that is defined with rules on hierarchies, companies, locations, document expiry alerts, etc.

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Rise higher with our efficient human capital management, Centra HCM. Address challenges in managing payroll processing, talent acquisition, recruiting and onboarding, employee benefits calculation, attendance, and other HR processes.

• 42 comprehensive features combined to support all HR management operations
• Runs on business intelligence (BI) tool
• Single and secure database
• Efficiency and ease of use human resources system
• Faster on-demand information sharing
•Fully-customizable to meet organizations’ requirements
• Centralize HR database to store all past and present employee info
•Receive accurate and dynamic information about workforce performance
• Generate meticulous reports in a variety of flexible formats for better employee-related decisions
•Cloud solution accessible on any device
•Advanced information security feature

With extensive features to track employee data and analytics, Centra HCM helps organizations to improve workforce management and enhance HR department efficiency.

•Real-time HCM application provides access to current data whenever needed
• Integrate all HR department data in one place and create a more meaningful analysis report
•Improve data accuracy with a streamlined system
• Reduce administrative and data entry work for HR professionals

The automating capabilities of the cloud HR software are revolutionary as they enable users to steer the whole recruitment process including aspects such as manpower planning, requisitions, candidate screening, filtering, sorting, ranking and selection in any direction and manner they want. Users can onboard the new recruits with a user-definable process definition.

Payroll can be computed through attendance, shift management, and benefits data.

•Integrated with biometric reader imports hours worked record easily and accurately.
• Automate attendance and leave tracking
•Keep compensation benefits and deductions up-to-date
• In compliance with GST

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MRP Software
MRP Software
MRP Software

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