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Mir Ahmed Ali Khan
Mir Ahmed Ali Khan

Mir Ahmed Ali Khan

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences from Osmania University, Mir Ahmed Ali Khan is the co-Founder and President of Focus Softnet (P) Ltd. His partnership with co-Founder and chairman Mir Hasnain Ali Khan has expanded the company since it was founded in 1991 and transformed it to a multinational organization boasting exceptional revenue and profit growth. Mr. Ahmed has positioned the company as a leading global organizationthrough relentless efforts in expanding the company’s presence in and outside India. 

Under him, Focus has earned a reputation of always keeping customers first. A variety of features and enhancements have been implemented within the product portfolios to cater to customer needs due to his proactive approach towards customer care.

A philanthropist at heart, Mr. Ahmed has been on the forefront helping charities and the needy whenever and wherever he saw an opportunity to come forward and help.

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