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Cloud Hosted Business Applications From The Top ERP Software Company In Middle East

Founded in 1992, Focus Softnet is the top ERP software company in the Middle East. It has been assisting companies of all sizes since the last 28+ years by offering state-of -the-art ERP systems and industry-ready business solutions.

Our business technologies help companies streamline their operations, improve efficiencies and initiate automation in all operations. Powered by advanced AI, our ERP software systems are equipped with industry ready templates and customizable features. They are used by more than a million users in 17 countries across the world and known for their reliability, ease of use and integration capabilities.

Built on a modular structure, Focus Softnet’s ERP solutions enable you to deploy only those modules that your business requires, rather than the whole ERP package, freeing you from additional costs and operating hassles. You could scale up by deploying more modules and incorporating them within your existing ERP framework as your business expands.

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Solutions That Move Business

#1 ERP software in Middle East that matches industry requirements and compliance

Focus Softnet
Focus Softnet
Focus Softnet

The Most Trusted ERP System Providers In Middle East

Focus Softnet is among the pioneering ERP solution providers in Middle East that has introduced industry-specific business applications. The ERP systems we designed and developed are a result of advanced research and collaborations with experts in every major industry. With features and modules that could be scaled and customized for every business vertical, our ERP solutions are equipped to handle the requirements of businesses of all sizes.

Leading digital transformation and innovation, we have equipped our ERP software with advanced Artificial Intelligence and powered them with BI tools to help users gain total control over all business operations. Our ERP applications provide quick ROI, could be personalized to suit your specific requirements and could also be integrated with third party applications to provide you with a seamless experience. Third party integrations are available for financials & ERP, payment gateways, email, communication, e-commerce, telephony and more.

Focus Softnet

Most Preferred ERP Software In Middle East

    Cloud hosted

    Powered by AI

    In-memory computing

    Industry-ready templates

    Runs on thin client

    Fully customizable

    Easy-to-use UI

    Quickly deployable


Facts & Figures

Focus Softnet

28+ years

Focus Softnet

17 Countries

Focus Softnet

1207423+ Users

Clientele From Diverse Industries

Reputed as one of the most reliable ERP software service providers in the Middle East, Focus Softnet has supported enterprises and SMEs transcending industries and geographical boundaries. We aim at building relationships based on mutual trust and strive towards providing our clients with the best possible solutions to unravel their problems. Following are some of the clients whom we have successfully assisted in overcoming their business challenges through our custom-built ERP applications.

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