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CRM Software for Marketing, Sales and Services Teams

Focus Softnet is a trusted provider of cloud-based CRM solutions and has a proven expertise in deploying business applications across all major industries. We help companies overcome challenges by empowering them with unified business management platforms that can be customized to suit their unique requirements.

Deploy our CRM solutions to integrate sales, marketing and services under one umbrella and boost the revenue generating processes.

CRM Solutions that Combine Modern Technology with Standard Processes

Our top CRM systems merge modern technology with established and standard processes, resulting in a powerful combination that has proven to be the best suited approach to solve business problems, overcome challenges and sustain growth.

Centra CRM Centra CRM

Centra CRM

Centra CRM is a comprehensive CRM system with 90+ features for automating and managing all aspects of lead generation, sales lifecycle, marketing and services.

Centra HCM Centra HCM

Centra HCM

The cloud hosted human capital management software automates recruitment, employee tracking, attendance and integrates it with its payroll module.

Centra CAFM Centra CAFM

Centra CAFM

The computer aided facility management system would help you plan preventive maintenance, governed by service level agreements and take care of all aspects of facility handling.

Centra REMS Centra REMS

Centra REMS

Deploy our real estate management system for construction, project management, resource procurement and rent/lease management from a single platform.

Centra AUTO Centra AUTO

Centra AUTO

A cloud hosted dealership management system for auto businesses, equipped with features to track sales, manage garages, workshops and track leased/rented vehicles.

Customer loyalty Customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Sales Sales


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Work Flows

Modules at a Glance

Focus Softnet’s ERP and CRM systems are equipped with comprehensive and integrated modules for all major business processes. The modular architecture of the CRM software allows users to deploy function-specific features and scale up as and when their business requires.

Major Industry Challenges

As the top CRM software providers in MENA, we have primed our applications to overcome all major business challenges and problems. With increased stress on automation, we ensure that our applications involve minimal manual processes.

Our CRM systems are adept in helping you resolve business challenges such as:

  •    Unorganized customer data
  •    Data not stored in a single system
  •    Inaccuracy in task reporting
  •    Lack of data accessibility outside the office premises
  •    Poor field reporting structure
  •    Inability to track and determine marketing ROI
  •    Manual data entry
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Why Choose Us?

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Focus Softnet is a trusted provider of state-of-the-art business software for customer relationship management. With our cloud-based CRM solutions, you can increase sales closures, engage effectively with prospects, generate more leads, expand your brand reach and provide clients with optimized services.

Things We Provide:

  •    Commitment towards quality
  •    Guaranteed security
  •    Support and availability
  •    Experience and expertise
  •    Customer satisfaction

One-Stop ERP and CRM Solutions on Cloud with Enhanced Mobility Features