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Centra Auto is a cloud-based CRM software for the automotive industry. It is a product of CentraHub, a fully owned subsidiary of Focus Softnet, one of the most trusted vendors of ERP solutions with a presence in 17 countries.

Centra Auto combines ease-of-use with best industry practices, fusing them with state-of-the-art technology. The result is an efficient and complete automotive management software that leaves no major vertical uncovered in the automotive industry.

From automobile sales and workshops to rentals and leasing, the DMS software ensures that all aspects of your business are streamlined to achieve greater efficiency.

Advanced features to manage auto sales, rentals and leasing

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DMS For Auto Sales

Track all automobile sales in real-time

Centra Auto, the #1 automobile business software features a powerful DMS (Dealership Management System) for vehicle sales and leasing. It enables you to gain complete visibility and control throughout all stages of the sales cycle, starting right from identifying leads and opportunities to the invoicing and delivery of vehicles.

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Sales Lifecycle

One platform encompassing all sales processes

With Centra Auto, the best dealer management software, you have complete visibility into the sales lifecycle. The system also includes other features to ensure hassle-free acquisition, test drive tracking, cost estimation, documentation, logs, discount management, negotiation, authorization, delivery and more.

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Automobile Workshop Management

Provide your customers with the best service

As an automobile service management software for bike and car dealers, Centra Auto helps you instill proper workflows at their auto workshops. The garage management software is also equipped with features to automate booking based on an availability calendar and customer slot booking.

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Automated Processes

Simplified garage management

Centra Auto includes options to manage job requests, estimations, periodic service maintenance and service contracts. The system also comprises of features to generate estimation and quotation for services, customer approvals, job card initiation, work logs and spare parts consumption, management of warranties, claims and insurance.

Focus Softnet

Auto Inventory Management

Stock and spare parts management

Deploy our automobile management software for balanced inventory with stock and requisition management, replacement of parts, JIT and parts procurement modules. It is the best suited automotive repair management system for cars and auto workshops that also automates inventory restocking.

Focus Softnet

ERP Integration

Secure and easy UI application

The car dealership management software supports integration with your existing ERP system. It enables multiple layered security features including role-based security, a configurable manager approval process and user verification system. This would help you access daily operations related to sales and service management while keeping the data safe.

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Car Rentals and Leasing

End-to-end processes

For businesses dealing in car rentals and leasing, Centra Auto is an important CRM platform to keep track of all documents and maintain compliance with the existing customers. It also includes a comprehensive document management system that stores records of rental reservations and contracts to expiry tracking and terminations.

Focus Softnet

Billing and invoicing

VAT compliant application

The dealership inventory management software is also loaded with billing and invoicing features, pre-configured with VAT details for easy computation of tax on all sales. Use its billing features to generate invoices, receipts, gate pass and manage all other aspects of vehicle delivery after servicing.

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Gain Unparalleled Benefits by Deploying Centra Auto

Sales Finalization, Invoicing and Allocation

Smooth transition across all stages

Centra Auto maps every stage of the sales process for simplified management in Centra Auto. The DMS software would help you review the specifics of test drive details, finalizations, invoicing and allocation of the chassis number before the final delivery of the vehicle.

Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

Ensure customer satisfaction

Our automobile dealership management software enables you to streamline the handing over of the purchased vehicle through an efficient PDI (pre-delivery inspection) process. The system allows you to manage important details such as PDI checklists and due date tracking to enhance customer satisfaction.

Lease/Rent Termination and Renewal

Smart alerts and notifications

Rental and lease management of vehicle is made easy through our feature-rich application. Use Centra Auto’s advanced tracking features to monitor upcoming terminations and renewals, agreement expiry dates, extensions and early returns from the software’s dashboard.

Violations and Accidents

Record details and follow relevant procedures

Centra Auto lets you record all details related to violations and accidents as well as other significant and sensitive aspects of vehicle rentals and leasing management. The system automates information processing, thus reduces manual intervention, and prevents human errors and duplication.

Centra AUTO Software: Modules

Unified Platform for Auto Sales, Garage Management and Leasing

Centra Auto is a reputed DMS software that has helped major auto dealers in the MENA region achieve success. It is a fully automated dealership management system, scalable and easy to configure, allowing you to add new modules and features as your business grows.

Apart from being built with industry-specific features to deal with automotive sales, leasing and workshop management from a single platform, it also supports extensive customization to suit your unique requirements.

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