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Unified CAFM Software to Manage Real Estate Assets and Facilities of All Sizes

computer aided facility management software

User-friendly UI: Intuitive and Customizable Dashboards

CentraHub CAFM is a full-fledged computer aided facility management software to manage real- estate properties, buildings, facilities and their maintenance through automated processes, smart modules and customizable features. It is the best facility management software offering customizable dashboards, powerful reports and integrated modules.

The cloud-based asset management software records all details related to repair and maintenance carried out at your property units in a single, easily accessible and secure database. It enables process standardization to ensure that your maintenance schedules are streamlined to improve and extend asset life. The SaaS based facility management software also helps you analyze, plan and allocate resources effectively.

Advanced Features of the State-of-the-Art CAFM Solution

Facility Management Software

Service Ticketing

Close service requests faster

CentraHub CAFM helps you quickly identify and close service tickets through efficient governance of SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Its calendar-based UI allows you effortlessly create and maintain preventive maintenance schedules, track resources and allocate tasks for specific service requests within a minimal response time.

Facility Management Software

Effective Maintenance Management

Enhanced tracking features

Drive efficiency in your building management and maintenance processes with CentraHub CAFM. Manage all your real estate assets, irrespective of their locations and sizes, from a single cloud-based CAFM software that auto-records your maintenance strategies, scheduling, contracts, work in progress, and other activities.

Facility Management Software

Floor Plans and Space Management

Unified database with user-defined access

CentraHub CAFM also serves as a secure database to store construction data, floor plans and other important information related to your real estate assets and facilities. Use the system to allocate space to tenants or buyers and gain control on data accessibility.

Facility Management Software

Real Estate Assets

Sales and leasing of properties

The web-based CAFM solution also assists you in all aspects of sales and leasing with the help of industry-ready tools. Use the application to record sales data, contract renewals or termination dates, plan maintenance and more.

Facility Management Software

Cloud Hosted CAFM

Effective data management tools

CentraHub CAFM is an all-inclusive cloud-hosted facility management software. The automated system has a centralized database that prevents data duplication and data silos. It also tracks previous service patterns, making it easier for you to access the information and use it to plan and predict future demands.

Facility Management Software

Easy Governance

Increased process visibility

CentraHub CAFM empowers you with total operational visibility and real-time information to help you stay on top of all activities. The 360-degree view enables you to identify areas of improvement and cost reduction. It also keeps track of warranties and all services done.

facility management third party integrations facility management third party integrations

Machine Learning in Facility Management – Integrate AIFA With CentraHub CAFM

Power your services with an advanced AI platform developed by Focus Softnet. AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications incorporates powerful tools such as robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots, predictive analytics and face recognition. Deploy our AI-based facility management software for streamline and automate services.

Advantages of CentraHub CAFM – #1 Facility Management Software in MENA

Comprehensive Modules

Integrated and scalable

The CAFM system is primed with comprehensive modules that are loaded with advanced features to track, manage, and monitor every operation functioning in different departments of your real-estate business. The modules are scalable, allowing you to expand their scope as your business grows.

Document Management

With version tracking

The facility management software includes features to store, access and manage documents while maintaining their previous versions. The application also ensures that documents stored are not duplicated. Hosted on the cloud, the software is equipped with multi-layered security, user-defined roles and permissions-based data access.

Real-Time Reporting

Visualize information in multiple formats

The computer aided facility management software is equipped with BI powered reporting tools that allow you to generate reports in multiple formats for various departments. This advanced feature would assist you in monitoring operations, preparing financial budgets, predict demands and make data-driven decisions.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Customized info-panels

The user-friendly dashboard of CentraHub CAFM allows customization to enable you to add elements you need. The easy-to-configure info-panels enable you to decide which data you want to view on the dashboard, set notifications and alerts and get important information in graphically rich visuals.

Quick Deployment

Ready-to-use CAFM software

CentraHub CAFM is a quick-to-deploy real estate facility management system. It comes pre-configured with necessary industry-specific tools and features to support asset management, thereby reducing the deployment time that is usually spent in building the system from the scratch or making extensive customizations.

Multilingual Support

Vat compliant CAFM software

CentraHub CAFM is available both in English as well as Arabic, owing to the demographics of the MENA region. The computer aided facility management software is also compliant with VAT regulations as it automatically computes tax and records it in invoices, synchronizing the same data with finance module.

CAFM Software: Modules

Deploy CentraHub CAFM for Simplified and Effective Facility Management

CentraHub CAFM is a web-based, top performing computer-aided facility management software for real estate businesses operating in Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al-Khobar, Kuwait City, Doha, Muscat, Manama, and other cities across MENA.

It is a complete asset management software with in-built modules covering all aspects of building management. The SaaS based software makes it easy for you to plan preventive maintenance and manage services through SLAs. By deploying CentraHub CAFM, you would be able to optimize facility maintenance planning and space management operations while reducing costs and improving productivity.

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